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Obedience Members Forum

Discussion forum for Competitive Obedience. You can either raise a new topic by clicking the 'Post a new thread' link, or reply to the topic by clicking 'Add comments to above thread'. Les Perry (Coventry DTC) is the moderator for the forum.


Also, if you have made the decision that this site should not be used to advertise your course, we would also assume that you will not be 'mentioning' the course on this forum. (We feel that this is fair, and will remove such 'mentions'!)

This forum can only be POSTED TO by signed up, and approved, members of ObedienceUK (i.e. the people who have signed up to download schedules). At least this way we have 'knowledge' of the people who are posting.

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ATTENTION - Worcester Beginners Sunday 27th August  (louise21) 18/8/2017 21:12:16

Please note judging of beginners on Sunday commences at 9.30am as per the running order and NOT after 11.30am as stated on the schedule.
This is due to the large number of entries meaning Pre Beginners and Beginners now have separate judges.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Louise (Club & Show Secretary)


John Enrights funeral   (gillie) 7/8/2017 21:46:23

John Enrights funeral will be held on
29th August at 12 o'clock midday
Pitsea Crematorium,
Church Road,
Bowers Gifford,
SS13 2HG
Then after at the
London Road
Bowers Gifford
SS13 2DU

Julie has said either flowers or donations to Acres way, rescue kennels
Thanks very much


2018 Shows Please  (ObedienceUK) 14/7/2017 10:58:47

Just a note for the Show Secretaries of next years (2018) shows.

I've noticed that a few shows have started to appear on the Schedules page for next year. As it is now half way through the season can you start thinking about adding your 2018 shows please.

We can always amend them later if need be.

Reedyford DTC Judges NEEDED  (Kymza) 22/8/2017 16:8:39

I am very much in need of Judges for
Reedyford DTC show
on Saturday 3rd March 2018
at Croft Top Equestrian Centre ,
Accrington,Lancashire BB5 2DP.

Elm Park Championship Show changes of judges  (iappleton) 22/8/2017 15:14:37

Beginner Dog will now be judged by June Fillingham instead of Jan Green
A Dog pt 3 will now be judged by Jenny Harknett instead of John Taylor
B Dog pt 1 will now be judged by Hazel Troth instead of Nancy Watson

Many thanks

Julie Appleton
Show Secretary

Lichfield camping  (apachearrow) 22/8/2017 15:3:50

Just a reminder for competitors attending Lichfield show...

Our venue is a well used public park and we have to know exactly how many campers/ caravans are expected on the venue. If you have not booked camping with your entry and have not already contacted me to arrange late camping PLEASE do not just turn up, expecting to camp.

Anyone reading this and realising they have not booked, but want camping, can email me....

**please bear in mind when emailing, we will be away at an agility show, followed by Worcester show over the weekend...all emails will be answered with confirmation as soon as I have signal to do so!**

Thank you.

Steward needed  (julied.) 22/8/2017 11:17:58

Help please!
I'm looking for a steward for Novice on Saturday 23 September at Sandwell.
Julie Duesbury

change of Judge Cheltenham   (HAGO) 22/8/2017 10:59:43

Change of Judge
Due to illness Annette Dowd has very kindly agreed to step in and judge Novice dog in replace of Mike Turley

Bird Table Raffle Sept 23rd Sandwell Valley  (deliag) 22/8/2017 10:45:51

Many thanks to everyone who has bought raffle tickets helpimg to raise funds for Painted Dog Conservation. My target is to buy at least 3 protective collars which allow the dogs to survive when trapped in illegal snares. They can then be released by anti-poaching patrols

On September 4th I am jumping out of a perfectly good airplane for the same project

The raffle will be drawn on Saturday, 23rd September at Sandwell Valley

In the meantime tickets will be available at the Worcester and Lichfield shows

I thank each and every one of you for your contributions, Obedience people rock!!

Help Judge needed   (HAGO) 22/8/2017 10:23:52

Due to illness Cheltenham require a Novice dog Judge for this Saturday. Any takers would be gratefully received. Steward provided.

New schedule - Jersey  (ObedienceUK) 21/8/2017 23:32:0

I've just uploaded the schedule for Jersey DTA, 25th (Limit) & 26th (Open) November 2017. Thanks to Liz Keeler.

Debbie & Yoko 🌟  (lmc) 21/8/2017 13:45:15

Many congratulations Debbie on winning open C at Ditton (your last qualifier for ticket) with young Yoko what a star she is. Enjoy

Love, Lyn, Genie, Jagger and Quirky x

Excellent news Debbie and Yoko. Good luck in ticke  (enid.d) 21/8/2017 13:51:36

Brilliant news Debbie am so pleased for you and your little girly xx  (TammyW) 21/8/2017 16:46:59

Bitch cc on Saturday   (puppies) 21/8/2017 4:49:41

Kathy russsll and kafna. Now an obed ch

Today''s bitch cc  (puppies) 20/8/2017 16:31:36

Congratulations Kathy Russell and Zuri winning the bitch Ticket today

Today''s dog cc   (puppies) 20/8/2017 15:26:18

Congratulation to Trish Jones and Cloud

Report.  (Wayside) 20/8/2017 14:9:9

C pt 2. report just added for Bath Alsation.

Dog cc today   (puppies) 19/8/2017 16:45:21

Well done to Sandra Bruce

Sandra Spruce and Jaffa (Dodgin Rags to Riches) Congratulations
  (jessica) 19/8/2017 17:53:43

Isle of Man Dog Club - June Shows  (candlewind) 18/8/2017 23:30:16

With apologies for the lateness of these reports they are now added to the site!

Draw - Kilmarnock  (ObedienceUK) 18/8/2017 16:45:7

I've just uploaded the running orders for Kilmarnock. Thanks to Andrew Kousourou.

Steward needed for B Dog at DItton tomorrow  (trishajones) 18/8/2017 14:34:35

Sadly Alison Barrell is unable to judge B Dog tomorrow Saturday at Ditton because her puppy is very poorly. I am taking her place but because I was originally stewarding for her... I now need a steward! Someone has offered but they are not only helping to run the show, they are also stewarding the next day so it would be great if someone else could help out....PLEEEEAAASE! If you could either reply on here or message me on Facebook that would be marvellous!

Sorted, many thanks to Jodi Lunn!! x
  (trishajones) 18/8/2017 16:32:28

Draw - Lichfield  (ObedienceUK) 18/8/2017 11:30:23

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Lichfield. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

CHESVALE - CHANGE OF JUDGE  (CarolS) 16/8/2017 18:49:49

Unfortunately Enid Diplock has had a fall and broken her ankle! Thanks to Chris Milner for agreeing to take her place and judge Novice Pt1. Also thanks to Carol Ashton for agreeing to replace Chris Milner as steward. Get well soon Enid.

Thank you Carol, and Chris for stepping into my shoes!!!.  (enid.d) 18/8/2017 9:13:57

New schedule - GSD (Alsatian) Club of the UK  (ObedienceUK) 17/8/2017 15:18:1

I've just uploaded the schedule for the GSD (Alsatian) Club of the UK, Open, 18th February 2018. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

DITTON SHOW  (Wallydog) 17/8/2017 11:58:51

For those of you who are coming to Ditton Show this weekend, please be advised that there are large numbers of big burdock bushes along the river path next to the Rugby Club. These burrs are extremely difficult to remove from the dog's coats, and we know of a dog who swallowed one, and had to go to the emergency vet. So please be careful.

MEETING NEXT WEDNESDAY EVENING IN KENT  (hazelbroadlawns) 17/8/2017 10:34:52

~Culverstone is hosting a chat evening on Wednesday 23rd August at 7p.m. and everybody is invited to come along for a chat with Robert Harlow and Fran Godfrey. Please see this on the facebook page,

STANHOPE CLOSING DATE  (Mollexie) 17/8/2017 9:39:19

Just a reminder that entries close on Wednesday 23rd August for this show.
Thanks, Moira Jobling

Draw - Wigton  (ObedienceUK) 16/8/2017 23:45:7

I've just uploaded the running orders for Wigton. Thanks to Anne Westover.

Draw - Cheltenham  (ObedienceUK) 16/8/2017 21:33:19

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Cheltenham. Thanks to Babs Sharp.

Royal Manx Reports  (gucci1) 16/8/2017 21:8:21

Reports for Royal Manx Agricultural Show, Beginners, Novice, B and C all posted

Pamela Lochrie

Changes on Wednesday  (ObedienceUK) 14/8/2017 20:38:28

The ObUK website has been hit now a few times by hackers, and although peoples passwords are not openly being displayed on the site, a determined hacker could get hold of them.

Its been suggested to me that I should hold the passwords as a hashed character string (via an algorithm), and hence the site (and me) would not know your password.

This means that the hacker could not retrieve the password from the site.

However, this does mean that I cant send you your password if you forget it (I would not have it). But I would do my best to reset it for you if requested (e.g. if you forget it).

To this end Ill be doing the necessary changes to the site on Wednesday 16th August. The site will go down for a short period whilst I make the changes, but once back up again you should not see any differences. (You still use your username and password to login.)

Thanks to Mike Aubury for pointing me in the right direction to enable me to do the coding changes. As he said to me, if the hackers are determined to break into the site they will find a way, but this is a necessary step.

I know people are also concerned about email addresses being taken from the site. These are readily available on messages on the forums, and the Userlist, so we need to discuss if these should be removed which I currently have not planned to do.

Implemented this morning.

Hopefully you will see no change.

However from this moment I know no ones password except my own.

If you've forgotten your password, you can ask me to issue you with a temporary password. (Logging in with the temporary password will force you to change it.)  (ObedienceUK) 16/8/2017 14:7:16

Draw - Lisburn  (ObedienceUK) 15/8/2017 19:23:50

I've just uploaded the running orders for Lisburn. Thanks to Kate McCartney.

Ditton Shows 19th & 20th August Change of Judge  (Sunhat) 15/8/2017 15:14:7

Due to serious illness in the family Melinda Partner is unable to judge. Her class on Saturday - Pre-Beginners - will now be judged by Sandra Barnes; her class on Sunday - Novice Dog Pt.1 - will now be judged by Jo Edwards. All other judges as shown on the class lists published on this site. Teresa Paterson

Draw - Wakefield  (ObedienceUK) 14/8/2017 23:27:8

I've just uploaded the running orders for Wakefield. Thanks to Sue Bean.

ITEMS LEFT AT WOBURN WEEKEND  (hackpack) 14/8/2017 19:10:35

Rosettes for

Mountland Mountain Stream (Pre beginners)
Dodwell Spirit of Goldlawns ('C' Dog pt 1)
Borderpride Keep a Secret (B dog)
Borderpops Buzz Light Paws (novice dog pt 1)
Tamoyn's Hero to Zero. (Novice dog p 1)
Dunburg Oscar (C dog pt 1|)

2 rather worn dumbells. one has Peg Roberts on the end.

I will take these to Ditton on Sunday this weekend and to both Worcester shows and leave with the secretary.

New pictures - Bath Alsatian  (ObedienceUK) 14/8/2017 18:54:8

I've just uploaded Richard Moss's pictures from Bath to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Woburn Bitch CC.  (LouJackson) 14/8/2017 16:46:42

Report Posted.

John Enright  (ObedienceUK) 14/8/2017 13:40:40

It is with a sad heart that I have to announce the death of John Enright an absolute gent who with his wife Julie had in recent years helped me on the Discover Dogs stand both having abundant knowledge in their breeds and the Obedience world. I had known John for years he will be greatly missed by many always ready for a chat and to pass his help and knowledge onto anyone who wanted it. Born on January 1st 1929 a birth date I remember because my Nan was also born on this day. John was a navy man who had been married before and had a son Martin. He met Julie his present wife when they both worked for the ambulance service. John always had an interesting tale to tell. Condolences to Julie and Martin and family may you rest in peace John.

Note: Julie and family wish to thank everyone for their cards and condolences. The Funeral Service will take place at 12 noon on the 29th August Pitsea and Basildon Crematorium - Church Road- Bowers Gifford SS13 2HG. All welcome and after at The Gun Public House SS13 2DU

Middlesborough DTC Novice Part 3 Report  (pennyc) 14/8/2017 13:30:25

I have finally posted my report for Novice 3 at Middlesborough DTC show. Apologies for the delay but had to wait til our road trip was over ;-)

Steward needed please  (j.aldridge) 14/8/2017 12:56:5

an urgent plea for some kind person to steward B dog class at Worcester show on the Sunday August 27th. Please contact Sheila Erp on 01283 535886 or 07785 544339. Many thanks in anticipation!!!

Steward needed for Wigton  (trimor) 12/8/2017 14:37:32

Can anyone steward C for me at Wigton, Sat 26th Aug.

i'm still begging for a steward.!!!  (trimor) 14/8/2017 12:9:55

Judges for York 2018  (Hannah) 14/8/2017 11:59:7

Hi all,
York has a fantastic new venue for next year so are hoping our show will be huge again!
As a pre-beginner handler myself I find it incredibly hard in my role as Show Secretary to find judges as I don't know many people so thought after 2 years of struggling I'd try a new tact.....would anyone like to volunteer their judging services please?
Sunday 19th August 2018 - Pre-Beg - C plus ABC judges required.

Lichfield and District change of judge.   (apachearrow) 14/8/2017 10:53:32

Lichfield and District show... change of judge.

Sunday 3rd: C bitch part 1...Jane Sutherland will replace Jane Webb. Thank you Jane, for agreeing to step in.

We also have a couple of replacement reserve judges: Saturday...B dog 2 will now be judged by Kay Reynolds.
Sunday....novice bitch 2 will be judged by Yvonne Green.
Thank you both!

Today''s ticket winners   (puppies) 13/8/2017 17:37:16

Today's ticket winners

Phil Barnes and Floozie
Ria McGovern and Vito

Change of Judge - GYDTC  (glynpooh) 13/8/2017 17:30:32

Jan Green is no longer able to judge B Part 1 at Gt. Yarmouth's Open Show on Sat Sept 16th due to a pending operation. Richard Kebble has kindly agreed to step in. Many thanks to him and wishing Jan a very speedy recovery

Today''s bitch cc   (puppies) 12/8/2017 17:33:55

Heather Grey and Be My Miracle

Dog ticket today   (puppies) 12/8/2017 17:25:18

Congratulations Kathy Russell and Winston

Entries closing Elm Park & Thurrock  (Kath) 12/8/2017 14:29:56

Reminder - Elm Park & Thurrock shows close this Monday the 14th.
Change of judge at Thurrock - Dick Blinch has kindly agreed to judge A Bitch 1 in place of John Taylor

Hatchford Brook Open Novice Bitch Part 2  (DWFFERR) 11/8/2017 19:25:36

Report Posted

Pauline Hill

Draw - East Kilbride  (ObedienceUK) 11/8/2017 12:52:19

I've just uploaded the running orders for East Kilbride. Thanks to Anne Marie Parker.

Draw - Worcester  (ObedienceUK) 11/8/2017 9:20:47

I've just uploaded the running orders for Worcester. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Preston & Fylde Novice pt 3 report posted  (Rivatizzie) 10/8/2017 22:44:25

Novice pt 3 report posted

CC Dog Hatchford Brook  (LouJackson) 8/8/2017 20:51:4

Report posted.

Today''s Bitch Ticket  ( 6/8/2017 19:2:55

Ann Rogers & Touch Clubs Diamond Edge

Makes Voda up I think 's well deserved  (Dyane) 6/8/2017 19:45:45

Oops Voda's 2nd On CC one more to go.   (Dyane) 8/8/2017 18:19:5

New schedule - Reedyford  (ObedienceUK) 8/8/2017 18:18:33

I've just uploaded the schedule for Reedyford DTC, Open, 2nd December 2017. Thanks to Kym Pearson.

Ykc  (lexi) 6/8/2017 20:20:25

I think it's really sad the lack of YKC classes at shows! Yes the entries maybe
Small but surely shouldn't we be encouraging the kids? Come on show secs it's not exactly
A liar of extra work!

Should read load of extra work!   (lexi) 6/8/2017 20:23:0

Maybe its not a lot of extra work but when you add up the costs, judges and stewards meals, expenses, rosettes and trophy for the winner then it makes a difference when only small classes. For some clubs extra expense when already losing money.  (robz) 8/8/2017 10:43:39

Obedience Kennel Club members  (doghouse) 8/8/2017 8:18:19

Any KC members out there who would like to gather for Xmas lunch at the KC please contact me by phone 01256 816388 or email for details.

Wakefield DTC Show  (Kairobea) 7/8/2017 20:2:7

Change of Judge for Monday 28th,
Class A part 2 will now be judged by Pauline Cambe-Halliday

Campers please be aware that there is no access to the venue until 12 pm on Saturday 26th August. Please plan your journey to arrive after this time as we do not want to block the access road.
Thank you

Draw - Chesvale  (ObedienceUK) 7/8/2017 19:1:15

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Chesvale. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

Draw - Ditton  (ObedienceUK) 7/8/2017 18:54:39

I've just uploaded the ruuning orders (and full class lists) for Ditton. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Radio 2  (chris P) 7/8/2017 17:26:53

Heard on Chris Evans Breakfast show today big congrats to the two ticket winners for Crufts 2018!

GSD Club of Wales Change of Judge  (TheWizard) 7/8/2017 16:5:12

Please note changes in class judges for our Championship Show on 24th September.

Novice Bitch will now be judged by Robert Faville and A Bitch will now be judged by Sam Rice

Steward Needed  (TammyW) 7/8/2017 10:14:19

Is there anyone who could Steward B bitch for me the Sunday of Lichfield show please 🤞

New pictures - Hatchford Brook  (ObedienceUK) 7/8/2017 8:43:43

I've just uploaded Richard Moss's from Hatchford Brook to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Rams den BellhoShow  (Vivbrov) 6/8/2017 8:59:29

Thank you all for a super, well organised show. Lovely new venue too. I heard no grumbles!

Viv Brotherson

Yes, a lovely well organised show. Lots of happy people.Super grounds. Thank you Ramsden.
Sue Wareham  (brysue) 6/8/2017 9:30:20

NICE VENUE.JR  (GJRogers) 6/8/2017 17:13:55

Today''s dog ticket   (puppies) 6/8/2017 16:6:58

Audrey Wilkinson and Nidderdale Paddy Power

ticket winners today ?  (janet oliver) 5/8/2017 17:19:5

Any news please

Michelle Newman won the dog ticket   (dingdongcharlie) 5/8/2017 17:48:36

Fantastic Charlie, and the Bitch.?  (janet oliver) 5/8/2017 18:5:7

Seems like it`s a closely guarded secret Janet , sorry can`t help  (dingdongcharlie) 5/8/2017 21:37:13

If I am at a ticket show & know who has won , I love to get it on line as soon as I can , I wish others would do the same ,  (dingdongcharlie) 5/8/2017 21:49:4

Ticket winners hatchford brook  (puppies) 6/8/2017 7:17:10

CongratIlations to Michelle Newman -
Dog - and Janet Hackett - bitch

New schedule - Culverstone  (ObedienceUK) 5/8/2017 22:51:4

I've just uploaded the schedule for Culverstone DTC, Capped Open, 26th November 2017. Thanks to Joanna Newman.

Draw - York City  (ObedienceUK) 5/8/2017 17:32:29

I've just uploaded the running orders for York City. Thanks to Sue Bean.

TEAM terMANator are   (jaro) 3/8/2017 22:55:31



Witham & District Show held on 29 July 2017  (Whatsname) 2/8/2017 13:34:16

There were a number of rosettees not collected at the rings on Saturday. I will be taking them to Ramsdon Show this Saturday for collection.

Beginners - Kim Innes
38 - Mrs T Brown - 5th place
256 - Mrs J Sinclair - 6th place

Novice Pt 2 - Steve Daly
192 - Mrs V Mason - 5th place

Novice Pt 3 - Jill Van Assen
44 - Miss E Burrows - 6th place

A Pt 3 - John Rogers
246 - A Robbins - 6th place

B Pt 1 - Barry Fitter
248 - Mrs S Robinson - 6th place

Thank you
Bridget - show secretary

Sorry Bridget, didn't realize Dilys had actually managed to get a place. Am not going to Ramsdon but will be at Woburn. Could I collect my rosette there please.
Thanks Sue   (cassidy) 3/8/2017 7:33:1

Culverstone Open & Champ shows  (Dippi) 1/8/2017 17:9:15

Culverstone have found a new venue for their shows next year. It is Honnington Farm Event Centre,Vauxhall Lane, Southborough,Kent TN4 0XD. The venue offers a 50 acre field that you can walk your dogs round the edge of along with some 16 miles of footpaths. Judges breakfasts & lunches will be provided by the Pie Ladys who I believe do the food for Billingshurst show. Competitors food will be available from Potato Crazy who as well as the usual bacon rolls etc offer Jacket Potatoes with different fillings & Tortilla Wraps. We can only hope that everyone will like what we are trying to achieve.

Sounds great Hazel. Thankyou For your sterling efforts in Finding venues for us all to enjoy.  (Mikadine) 2/8/2017 7:21:58

Sorry should read Jo and Hazel
  (Mikadine) 3/8/2017 6:8:51

MEN V WOMEN  (jaro) 2/8/2017 21:17:42

well its nearly time to announce our teams for the Women V Men at Sandwell for the Charity day now its your turn
for those not able to attend me and jane will have co ordinated buckets starting at Hatchfordbrook for you to support your chosen team with sponsership money also the teams will be going round asking everyone family friends ect for the same so come on and show us your dosh
may the best Men win lol

women v men at sandwell 22 sept  (jaro) 2/8/2017 20:12:38

needed a lady who works beg or pre beg to compete in a team to raise cash for mcmillan charity

BIRMINGHAM & DISTRICT GSD ASSOCIATION SHOWS  (polomazda) 2/8/2017 19:32:29

I will be at Hatchford Brook shows at the weekend and will accept entries from anyone that has forgotten to post their entries. Kathy Hood

redcar report   (trimor) 2/8/2017 15:22:22

Ch.C Bitch report posted

NAABTs reports posted  (trimor) 2/8/2017 14:24:43

Pre Beginner & Beginner reports posted

Hatchford Brook Show  (corneroak) 1/8/2017 15:54:44

Just a reminder that Hatchford Brook show this weekend is being held at a new venue -Birmingham and Solihull RFC Portway B94 5LH and NOT at Woodrush RFC as on the schedule. Please can you tell anybody you know who does not use the internet and might not be aware of the change.
As it is a new venue there is a bit of trial and error involved and we might get things a bit wrong. Please bare with us. If you have any whinges, grips, moans or groans PLEASE see Tony Wyatt or me and don't go to the club. WE DON'T WANT TO LOOSE THE VENUE FOR FUTURE SHOWS!!
Caravans are not allowed on site until 12.00 noon so please don't come early. The gates will be locked.
We wish you a safe journey and look forward to seeing you all at the weekend.
Annette Dowd
Show Secretary

Trophies  (Rubysian) 1/8/2017 15:6:59

I have a quantity of trophies if anyone can make use of them . I don't really want to dispose if them if someone can use them. I will be at Hatchford Brook,Woburn, Worcsester and the West Bromwich shows.

Sue Slater.

Show Report added for Cippenham ''C'' Dog Pt 1   (kitbclow) 1/8/2017 14:49:33

Show report added for Cippenham 'C' Dog Part 1

Newton Heath DTC Show Thanks  (kenneth) 1/8/2017 12:52:28

Thanks to all the judges/ members ,helpers and JP, at our annual two day show,the weather turned out good for us on the Sunday despite all the threats of thunderstorms and heavy rain how wrong can they be.

Today''s tickets   (puppies) 30/7/2017 18:14:21

Congratulations Kathy Russell with Winston and Zuri

And the bitch please?  (janet oliver) 30/7/2017 19:43:5

Hi Janet Read message again .  (dingdongcharlie) 30/7/2017 21:0:36

dog then?  (janet oliver) 30/7/2017 22:15:27

Charlie are you saying she has won dog and bitch?  (janet oliver) 30/7/2017 22:17:16

Yes Janet. Zuri bitch and Winston dog

  (Mikadine) 31/7/2017 7:17:13

wow thank you,
  (janet oliver) 31/7/2017 9:16:45

New pictures - Witham  (ObedienceUK) 30/7/2017 23:20:44

I've just uploaded Bernice Emanuel's pictures from Witham to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

LUNE VALLEY DTC CAMPING  (alithomson) 30/7/2017 11:39:33

We are sorry but the club cannot allow campers to arrive early, the club does not have access to the venue until Thursday. There are plenty of campsites close by a few of which are listed below:

Little Acre Camping and Caravan Site Address: Milton Ln, Milnthorpe LA7 7NN
Phone: 015395 67214
Waters Edge Caravan Park Address: Crooklands, Milnthorpe LA7 7NN
Phone: 015395 67708
Kendal Caravan Club : Sedgwick, Kendal LA8 0JZ
Phone: 015395 60186
Old Hall Caravan Park Address: Capernwray, Carnforth LA6 1AD
Phone: 01524 733276

Draw - Paignton  (ObedienceUK) 29/7/2017 20:8:12

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Paignton. Thanks to Robin Gretenkort.

KILMARNOCK DTC SHOW  (bubamoffat) 29/7/2017 10:21:35

Closing Date For Entries For KILMARNOCK Show Is

Wednesday 2nd August

Worcester DTC shows - change of judge  (louise21) 28/7/2017 13:29:28

Due to increased entries we have had to appoint separate judges for Pre Beginners and Beginners on Sunday 27th August. Pre Beginners will be judged by Lyn Tozer as per the schedule. Beginners will now be judged by Jacque Ashmore.

Many thanks Jacque for swapping around ☺


men v women at sandwell HELP  (jaro) 27/7/2017 23:4:23

we in the winning mens team lol needs a male handler who is working beg on the friday afternoon of the macmillan charity day

Hi, my husband is working Beginners with his Sheltie. Happy to help or inder bur has been doing ok. Let us know what is involved.   (doghouse) 28/7/2017 9:6:23

Findon Downs DTC Open Obedience Show  (PatOshea) 27/7/2017 10:19:47

It is with deep regret that following the poor entry at our 2017 Open Show
on 8th July, the committee of FDDTC have reluctantly decided not to continue
running an Open Obedience Show. Findon Downs DTC is a domestic training
club and the effort required to put on the Open Show has become too great to

We should like to thank those judges, helpers and competitors that have
supported us over the 47 or so years - we wish you all the best.

Pat O'Shea
Findon Downs DTC

So sorry Pat , I have always enjoyed your show , Thank you for all your hard work .
Another Southern show lost ,  (dingdongcharlie) 27/7/2017 12:1:33

Very sad news... 😞  (DeniseFry) 27/7/2017 12:39:30

Hi Pat,
I have Facebook messaged you.
Shirley Budgen  (Whyso) 27/7/2017 14:26:12

So sorry to hear this - had a lovely time this year - fully understand your reason - thank you for all you and the club have done over the years for all of us. Chris.  (Mossie) 27/7/2017 16:19:33

Morag Milne Funeral  (brownlg) 26/7/2017 20:54:49

Funeral is Tuesday 1st August @ 3.00p.m at Daldowie Crematorium and a tea following at Miners Welfare Saramgo Street Kirkintilloch G66 3AA.

Family want family flowers only but will be delighted for donations to be made in Morag's name to Marie Curie. I'm not sure if this will be an official collection at the crematorium, if not and if anyone wishes me to I will be more than happy to collate donations and forward on to Marie Curie.

Lynne Brown

DERBY A 2  (levi) 26/7/2017 11:27:26


Draw - Danesford  (ObedienceUK) 25/7/2017 18:58:28

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Danesford. Thanks to Donald Wright.

Cheltenham Show   (HAGO) 25/7/2017 10:37:47

Due to good entries we have had to split a couple of classes the B dog which will now be judged by John Farr and the C dog which will be judged by Mark Herrits.The special class ( entries on the day ) will now be judged by Claire Stewart.

New pictures - North West Kent  (ObedienceUK) 24/7/2017 19:24:53

I've just uploaded Lin Bagley's pictures from North West Kent to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

I must be losing the plot because I cannot see North West Kent mentioned on the Out and About page.  (Llwyd) 24/7/2017 20:38:44

:) Try now!  (ObedienceUK) 25/7/2017 10:6:22

Morag Milne  (brownlg) 25/7/2017 10:5:33

I have been requested to let you know that Morag passed away last night after a long illness. Details of the funeral will be advised as soon as arrangements are made. Morag was a character and will be missed by all of those who knew her

Redcar Novice Pt 3   (bobs.labs) 24/7/2017 23:30:49

Report posted

Exeter DTC Championship & Open Shows 2018  (moortime) 20/7/2017 0:33:28

The Exeter Dog Training Club Show Committee have now taken on corporate responsibility for organising and running the Championship and Open Shows from May 2018 onwards.

The Show Committee would like to express their thanks and appreciation to Chris Fifield for all the hard work she has put into the Show over many years, making it the success it currently is. Without Chris the Show would certainly not have obtained its Championship status.

I will be acting as the contact point on behalf of the Show Committee for matters relating to the Shows.

We are in no doubt about the difficult task ahead of us without Chris at the helm and would appreciate any help/advice offered.

Paul Cousins
Show Committee
Exeter DTC

Always enjoy your show happy to help with anything.   (doghouse) 21/7/2017 7:30:10

Paul - Myself and several friends always enter Exeter show albeit a 'long way from home' and always have a great time. Between us we have Judged/Stewarded amongst other things for many of the years. I have always felt that the Schedule was got out a bit late and with lots of other shows on during that Bank Holiday weekend, it might be prudent to get your Judges early and get your Schedule out for Crufts.
Wishing you well in taking on the task of running the show.
Sheila Legg-Smith  (REMMIE) 21/7/2017 13:52:8

As another 'Southerner from futher afield' I have also entered/stewarded/generally helped at Exeter show for many years. I will be happy to continue to do so. Just ask.
Eunice Pearson ( Billingshurst DTC)  (eunice) 23/7/2017 12:4:18

Paul, can you email me please -   ( 23/7/2017 18:39:20

Could Sheila and Eunice please contact me at


Paul  (moortime) 24/7/2017 22:13:22

New pictures - Middlesbrough & Redcar  (ObedienceUK) 24/7/2017 21:16:6

I've just uploaded Chris Parkin's pictures from Middlesbrough & Redcar to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Draw - Woburn  (ObedienceUK) 24/7/2017 19:2:26

I've just uploaded the running orders for Woburn. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

MBCC Open Breed/Limited Obedience  ( 24/7/2017 16:55:33

MBCC Open Breed/Limited Obedience Show (schedule on ObedienceUK in next day or so) - KC Building, Stoneleigh

Eye Testing at MBCC show 1st October - a discounted clinic for both routine & pre-disposition for glaucoma at discounted prices - spaces are limited so please book early. Please note that for pre-disposition the BVA & K.C. now state that this is NO LONGER a 1 off test. Tests should be done every 3 years - so for example 1 year, 4 years & 7 years of age. Please message or email me for bookings

Rosettes NWKent  (EileenRestell) 24/7/2017 15:27:3

Wading through the paperwork and stuff but here are the left over rosettes:

Margaret Ashley
Heather Staines
Gill Winyard
Ann Gwillim
Pat Williams
I will take them to Halstead A Dog 1 ring. Otherwise send me a large SAE and I will post

Draw - Ramsden Bellhouse  (ObedienceUK) 24/7/2017 11:43:49

I've just uploaded the running orders for Ramsden Bellhouse. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Photos from Derby  (Sally) 23/7/2017 17:21:44

Hill Les I can't find your email address to send you the pics I took yesterday at Derby. There are only three classtar winners. Thanks Sally  (ObedienceUK) 23/7/2017 19:29:35

Novice Judge needed 17.9.17 at Blofield,Norwich  (patjordan) 19/7/2017 19:5:13

We are in need of a Novice Judge for our Open Show on 17th September 2017 at Plantation Park, Blofield,Norwich. Wendy Wheatcroft, who kindly stepped up at my last request, has had to pull out as she has just had an Op. Wish you well Wendy and hope someone will offer. Camping available and a BAR. Norfolk Broads D.T.C.

Thanks to Jodi Lunn for offering to step in and Judge this Novice class for us  (patjordan) 23/7/2017 19:3:14

Today''s bitch cc  (puppies) 23/7/2017 17:56:54

Bitch ticket. Marie Cartwright and Stillrockin The Magic

Today''s dog ticket   (puppies) 23/7/2017 16:54:49

Rachel Cudworth Newoak Dusty Boy

New pictures - Derby  (ObedienceUK) 23/7/2017 11:28:50

I've just uploaded my pictures from Derby to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Unused meds for rescues  (LouJackson) 15/7/2017 12:25:57

I put a message on here for any spare Cardalis tabs that people may be able to donate for a rescue in need in Serbia. Thank you to those who have already replied, we are very grateful. Some people have offered other medications and I would just like to add that any unused meds are desperately needed by the small rescues who are struggling to take care of their animals in Rumania, Bulgaria, Serbia etc.
Thanks, Lou.

forwarded medication good luck with your work  (kenneth) 22/7/2017 20:55:13

Draw - Bath Alsatian TC  (ObedienceUK) 22/7/2017 18:47:38

I've just uploaded the running orders for Bath Alsatian TC. Thanks to Steve Wiltshire.

today''s tickets  (puppies) 22/7/2017 18:33:48



New pictures - NA&ABTS  (ObedienceUK) 21/7/2017 17:52:23

I've just uploaded John Midgley's pictures from Northern Alsatian & All Breeds TS to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New pictures - SWCOG  (ObedienceUK) 21/7/2017 10:7:15

I've just uploaded David Kirkby's pictures from the South West Competitive Obedience Group weekend to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Scoreboarder needed Redcar  (trimor) 21/7/2017 8:34:55

Could anyone scoreboard Bitch Ticket for me at Redcar???
My phone number is 07761985651
Mo Graham

Spotlight page  (ObedienceUK) 20/7/2017 16:24:5

Having talked to Bronwyn we have decided to post her Crufts 2017 reports on the Spotlight page. >>>>>HERE<<<<<

RUNNING ORDERS  (kyledon) 20/7/2017 15:53:2

I have noticed that the running orders shown on Ob UK do not all have the same information included. Whilst it is appreciated that the KC regs no longer required a full catalogue to be produced, some clubs & societies only publish the first 5 or 10 dogs in the running orders and little else (including the number of entries in that class)others provide more information including the names of all the dogs the entries in each class.
I have also noticed that there have been a number of show reports recently where the judge has commented on the difficultly of producing a complete judging report without the benefit of having a catalogue

I must congratulate Andover (Mick & Shirley Hayward) for producing a running order list which includes the names of all the dogs in each class along with the owners name and the breed of dog (all of which is available from the entry forms)and also the number of dogs entered in each class
With the benefit of computers I suspect that it does take much longer to produce than the abbreviated versions we see today
This will no doubt help judges in producing more comprehensive reports
Perhaps this style of running order should be considered the norm for the future
Well Done

Sorry for the typos in the earlier post. Despite telling one of my dogs that he cant type he does insist on trying to help me when I am on the computer

The corrected version should read as follows

I have noticed that the running orders shown on Ob UK do not all have the same information included. Whilst it is appreciated that the KC regs no longer required a full catalogue to be produced, some clubs & societies only publish the first 5 or 10 dogs in the running orders and little else (including the number of entries in that class)others provide more information including the names of all the dogs ENTERED in each class.
I have also noticed that there have been a number of show reports recently where the judge has commented on the difficultly of producing a complete judging report without the benefit of having a catalogue

I must congratulate Andover (Mick & Shirley Hayward) for producing a running order list which includes the names of all the dogs in each class along with the owners name and the breed of dog (all of which is available from the entry forms)and also the number of dogs entered in each class
With the benefit of computers I suspect that it does NOT take much longer to produce than the abbreviated versions we see today
This will no doubt help judges in producing more comprehensive reports
Perhaps this style of running order should be considered the norm for the future
Well Done
  (kyledon) 20/7/2017 15:56:39

petersfield show secretary  (janet oliver) 19/7/2017 11:56:15

Does anybody have the telephone number of Sue Howard show secretary of Petersfield show please.
Janet Oliver Coriecollies

NWKent Change of Judge  (EileenRestell) 19/7/2017 9:50:10

NWKent DTC Champ Show Change of Judge. Unfortunately Moina Van Der Heijden is poorly and unable to judge Novice Bitch Pt 1 on Saturday but thank goodness for good people, Fran Godfrey has stepped in to judge I owe you one Fran. We wish Moina all the best and hope that you are back on your feet very soon.

Also, still hoping that someone will offer to score for C Dog on Sunday, lovely judge but large class so you will be needed!

Draw - Witham  (ObedienceUK) 18/7/2017 20:47:12

I've just uploaded the running orders for Witham. Thanks to Sean Taylor.

Draw - Lune Valley  (ObedienceUK) 18/7/2017 18:39:28

I've just uploaded the running orders for Lune Valley. Thanks to Lesley Alsop.

Worcester shows - change of judges  (louise21) 18/7/2017 13:23:40

C Dog part 1 on Sunday will now be judged by Bronwyn Bartley.

Novice Dog part 1 pn Monday will now be judged by Sue Brown.

Everyone at Worcester DTC wishes Suzy Tooley and Jose Yates speedy recoveries.

Secretary Worcester DTC

Worcester DTC shows - LATE ENTRIES  (louise21) 18/7/2017 13:19:4


Although the closing date has passed I will accept late entries. I must receive them by Thursday 20th July at the latest.

We are very short of YKC entries and pre beginners and beginners are low on Monday - you have to be in it to win it!

Secretary Worcester DTC

New schedule - Lisburn  (ObedienceUK) 18/7/2017 11:48:26

I've just uploaded the schedule for Lisburn & District DTC, 2 x Open, 19th & 20th August 2016. Thanks to Kate McCartney.

Andover A Dog  (wendyfisher) 17/7/2017 20:7:5

Report added

New pictures - Andover  (ObedienceUK) 17/7/2017 17:9:46

I've just uploaded Lin Bagley's pictures from Andover to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Draw - Halstead  (ObedienceUK) 17/7/2017 15:18:25

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Halstead. Thanks to Kit Clow.

Thank you that was quick  (kitbclow) 17/7/2017 15:46:26

Draw - Newton Heath  (ObedienceUK) 17/7/2017 15:5:49

I've just uploaded the running orders for Newton Heath. Thanks to Sue Shardlow.

Draw - Derby  (ObedienceUK) 15/7/2017 21:9:33

I've just uploaded the running orders for Derby. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.

Thank you Leslie, thank you Bryan. 🤗🤗🤗  (Sally) 17/7/2017 11:39:44

Draw - Hatchford Brook  (ObedienceUK) 16/7/2017 8:47:36

I've just uploaded the running orders for Hatchford Brook. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Draws updated tonight with corrected address.  (ObedienceUK) 16/7/2017 23:7:10

Date of show   (jaraneka) 6/7/2017 21:26:10

Ok need the secretary of GSD of wale to contact me as I am down to judge at the show at calicott castle next year and need the date or it might clash with some other important date have left 2 messages no answer

Is that open or championship show, Loraine! I believe they have changed venue for both!  (PennyKH) 10/7/2017 16:49:55

Thanks penny I have left messages and have put on here hoping they would tell me all I can say now if it clashes with the date I have for something else tough on them   (jaraneka) 10/7/2017 23:41:20

Some of them may be at the shows next week! We'll see then!  (PennyKH) 12/7/2017 10:44:9

If you look on the schedules page you will see the date of the show and the venue. Show sec on holiday at the moment. John Verrill
  (michelle d) 12/7/2017 19:17:0

Date of show next year if it is the champ show is 30th Sept or do you want the date of the March/April show.John Verrill
  (michelle d) 12/7/2017 19:30:30

open show is 8th April, champ show is 30th Sept 2018. John Verrill
  (michelle d) 12/7/2017 19:34:15

Thanks for that dates are ok it's the April one   (jaraneka) 16/7/2017 22:1:41

Draw - SomerObedience Society  (ObedienceUK) 16/7/2017 21:22:56

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for the Somerset Obedience Society. Thanks to Kay Allen.

solihull novice 3 posted   (jaro) 16/7/2017 20:8:40

as above

BASINGSTOKE C REPORT ADDED  (jaro) 16/7/2017 18:19:42


Hatchford Brook change of judge  (corneroak) 16/7/2017 13:15:44

We have a change of judge on Saturday 5th August at Hatchford Brook. Roy Neal has kindly agreed to judge C dog part 1.

Today''s tickets   (puppies) 15/7/2017 17:14:44

Pat Watson and Fellameeka Madness

Phil Barnes and Jezzaddy Its Snow Floozie

Camping arrangements NWKent 22 & 23 July  (EileenRestell) 15/7/2017 10:25:44

North West Kent DTC Champ and Open Shows 22 & 23 July
Use POST CODE ME20 7QZ (post code on schedule is for Junction 5 of M20) Or Hall Road, Aylesford

Camping arrangements from Friday 22nd July; Please do not turn up if you have not booked a camping space as we have a huge camping list to accommodate so do not take a chance and arrive with your caravan as you will be turned away all campers will be checked against our list on entry. Not on the list no entry.

Do not arrive at the venue before 3:00 PM on Friday unless you are part of the set up party and we are expecting you.

Please expect to be directed to a parking place by the caravan parking stewards. If you wish to park with a friend please arrange to arrive together there is a parking area in front of the club house but please do not hinder other businesses that are on the same site. There must be a clear access for emergency vehicles between rows of parked caravans/tents.

All caravans must have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket

Showers are available in the club house.

There will be a waste receptor unit for caravan toilet waste in the car park to the front of the venue near the containers and skip. Anyone attempting to empty caravan waste in the toilets or Portaloos will have future entries refused.

Please do not put dog waste in bags destined for the skip, use the black bin bags for dog waste, yellow for general waste.

Please consider fellow campers with regard to noise levels, be it generators or barking dogs.

The rugby club bar will be open each evening from 6 pm. Strictly no admittance to the club house before this time as there is a seminar in progress until 5.30. A fish & chip supper will be available on Friday. The rugby club will have a barbeque on Saturday night these are famous in the area! Please pre pay at the bar as availability may be limited.

NWkent Parking arrangements 22/23 July  (EileenRestell) 15/7/2017 10:22:32

Parking arrangements North West Kent DTC 22 & 23 July

This year we will have rings in the adjoining park Bitch classes other than ticket. Dog classes plus bitch ticket, Introductory to Beginner Dog & Bitch classes will be on the rugby club pitch.
Your parking choices are to either park in Ferry Field from Hall Road, turn right in to Station Road, park is 30 yards on the right. This year parking will be much closer the rugby club and all facilities are easily accessible from Ferry Field. There will be security at the inner gate throughout the day until 5.30. Please do not cause an obstruction in the road before the gates are opened at 7.30.
Alternatively, competitors may park on the hardstanding car park if they wish to come in via the Hall Road entrance you will not gain access to the caravan parking area.
Hi top vans there is a height restriction barrier to Ferry Field please go to the Hall Road entrance where you will be able to park on the hard standing or on to the camping area where you will be directed to a space.
Judges you may park on the side that is nearest to your ring, however please note that there is no access to Ferry Field and the bitch rings via the rugby club. There will be reserved spaces closest to the rings.

Please be considerate to the parking officials as they have a difficult job to do.

Charity Fun Class in aid of South Essex Wildlife Hospital Judge Sue Starr all levels welcome. 25 to the winner.

Steward Training
A recent post on Face Book highlighted the need for ring steward training for those that would like to become more involved in the other side of competitive obedience. Some believe that they would not be able to cope with the task of guiding fellow competitors around the ring we have a solution! Anyone who would like to have a go can free of charge too!
Donna Bastin, Lou Holmes, Carl Thorne & Chris Turner have agreed to spend some time over the weekend to give guidance and instruction to help dispel the myth that this is a difficult job! Any teams that want to be stewarded, (not trained), will be welcome.
Ring stewarding is an important role but there is much to be learnt about your fellow competitors and you get to see some really good teams at work who might just inspire you!
We can include score board stewarding too.
Saturday 12.00 12.45 Sunday 12.00 12.45
1.15 - 2.00 1.30 - 2.15
2.15 - 3.15 2.15 - 3.00

Cardalis tabs for rescue  (LouJackson) 14/7/2017 20:31:44

I am looking for any spare Cardalis tablets that any of you may have for a rescue collie x in Serbia where they cannot get these drugs for her heart problem (and if they could, they probably couldn't afford them). Any odd ones of any mgs that anyone can spare would be gratefully received. Can give to me and I can forward them.

C judge needed at Hatchford Brook  (corneroak) 7/7/2017 18:9:1

We unexpectedly need a judge for C dog at Hatchford Brook Championship show on Saturday 5th August. If you can help you will be well looked after with great food and free weekend camping 😀

have you found anybody yet?
janet oliver  (janet oliver) 14/7/2017 19:39:11

Draw - Royal Manx Agricultural Society  (ObedienceUK) 14/7/2017 13:22:21

I've just uploaded the running orders for the Royal Manx Agricultural Society. Thanks to Tracy McKinlay.

CHADKIRK SHOW  (JanTootall) 13/7/2017 17:26:57

Just posted a report from our show on 1st & 2nd July.
To explain a show report made by Lynne Brown 'B' Part 2 on Saturday. Dog and handler number 180 was entered in this class on the entry form. Due to a catalogue error, this did not appear so. Dog and handler achieved 5th place. Apologies to both judge and handler.

sandwell show charity day  (jaro) 12/7/2017 23:14:9

as part of the fund raising Jane and me have been coerced into being team managers for a men v women obedience test
we need teams to compete in each class pre beg up to ticket men handlers [a rare breed] and women so 7 handlers in total for each team this is taking place on the friday afternoon so if up for the challenge abit of fun [yes fun in obedience] and helping raise money get in touch

What a lovely idea. About time we had some fun. Sadly I will not be at Sandwell but I am sure it will be a great success.x  (brysue) 13/7/2017 9:56:1

REDCAR  (Dave) 13/7/2017 9:30:38

This is for folks hoping to get on the Redcar show site this weekend especially those traveling over from the NAABTS show( the weekend BEFORE the Redcar show) this does not affect the Redcar show weekend.
As previously posted there is a big Veedub ( Volkswagon ) show on the Redcar site which means anyone like us who were hoping to arrive this weekend for a bit of holiday could be disappointed
This VW show be a very very busy show with a log jam of vehicles leaving Sunday late afternoon, I asked Derek from the Rugby club if we can get on Sunday and have had no response so I have contacted Paul the event organiser who was very helpful.
He has told me that they will have 1800 people onsite camping and as they charge per person for camping it could 400 - 500 caravans, plus trade stands plus exhibits.
All these will be leaving on Sunday afternoon so at times it will chaos, the organiser Paul has been helpful and says that DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 6pm this Sunday 16th July. He thinks that you will be able to get in after 6pm without a problem, marquees will still be up but will taken down on Monday and he quite happy for us to get on site if we dont arrive early on Sunday.
For those coming who want to miss the Monday morning traffic see you on Sunday night !!!

Change of judge NAABTS  (Jomagic) 12/7/2017 18:45:56

There seems to be some confusion. Sunday 16/7
C part 1 will be judged by Bronwyn Bartley instead of Gerrard Paisley. C part 2 will still be judged by Emma lavender.

NAABTS ... IMPORTANT INFO FOR CAMPERS!  (Jomagic) 12/7/2017 18:43:2


Due to the rain the camping field was only cut today and so will not be baled until tomorrow.

Therefore as per the schedule you will NOT be able to access the field before 2pm. Please DON'T Arrive before this time as it is a single track road and there is nowhere to wait.

Thank you.


NWKent Scoreboard vacancies  (EileenRestell) 11/7/2017 12:23:33

NWKent 22nd July there are a couple of scoreboard vacancies on Champ day Beginner Pt 2 and Novice Dog nothing too scary, any offers welcome 😊 Please email or FB message me - thank you

Saturday is now filled but a new vacancy has arisen for C on Sunday - any offers considered :)   (EileenRestell) 11/7/2017 14:20:19

Thanks, Lesley and Min!  (chrissiek) 11/7/2017 10:43:20

I just wanted to say thank you to Lesley Thomas and Min Partner for covering the A class at Findon on Saturday, 8 July after I was lurgified and ordered to stay home! I hate not being able to fulfil contracts so thanks for stepping in xxx

Chris King

obedience score sheet  (wildl) 10/7/2017 17:4:47

Can some kind soul remind me where I can get some obedience score sheets from thanks

From the schedules page: WATERPROOF OBEDIENCE RINGSIDE SCORESHEETS available from Shelagh or Roy Page. Email or phone 01543 505820 or mobile 07973 840351   (ObedienceUK) 10/7/2017 20:50:8

Thanks very much
  (wildl) 11/7/2017 9:14:13

DANESFORD Show Entries  (donwright) 28/6/2017 11:54:15

Danesford show entries should be received next week. If you have not yet sent an entry and wish to save on postage, I will be taking entries at the Chadkirk Show over this weekend. I am stewarding B2 on Saturday and Beryl is judging A1 on Sunday.

Entries close tomorrow and we are pleased to announce that CSJ will be in attendance and are kindly supplying the winners packs. KCGC special pre beginners, ABC and a training ring . Hope you can join us x x  (gwymwilliams) 11/7/2017 8:48:1

cheltenham judges needed  (jaro) 10/7/2017 19:12:22

due to excellent entries we at cheltenham are looking for a couple of judges for aug 26 classes are B and C so far you wont believe how well you are looked after lol

New schedule - Sheffield GSD  (ObedienceUK) 10/7/2017 17:51:49

I've just uploaded the schedule for Sheffield GSD Society, Open, 15th October 2017. Thanks to Donald Wright.

Coventry nov.d pt one  (levi) 10/7/2017 13:32:53

Report been posted

Questionnaire for OLC Meeting  (Fran) 9/7/2017 11:23:51

In case anyone missed this in the SE Facebook Group, please complete the questionnaire. CLOSES ON 1th JULY.

That's 11th July  (Fran) 9/7/2017 11:24:34

Same for South/South West. Thanks Fran  (doghouse) 10/7/2017 7:41:15

Today''s bitch cc  (puppies) 9/7/2017 17:3:45

Ann Rogers and Voda - Touch of Clubs Diamond Edge - won bitch cc

Reserve Suzy Tooley and Everudh Olympic Flame  (wuidart) 9/7/2017 17:59:41

Well done Suzy and Flame - you just can't keep a great team down!! Congratulations. x
  (Llwyd) 9/7/2017 18:21:13

Congratulations Suzy & Flame on your reserve Ticket today. So glad you could make it and hope you got booked in for a couple of days holiday. Pat & Dannee xx
  (P.J.R) 9/7/2017 18:44:27

Today''s dog cc   (puppies) 9/7/2017 16:43:9

Dot Watts and Zyco

Congratulations Dot on todays ticket win with your lovely Zyco.
Love Pat & Dannee  (P.J.R) 9/7/2017 18:36:22

New pictures - Coventry Open  (ObedienceUK) 9/7/2017 13:23:52

I've just uploaded my pictures from Coventry Open to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New pictures - Findon Downs  (ObedienceUK) 9/7/2017 13:21:26

I've just uploaded Lin Bagley's pictures from Findon Downs to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Draw - Andover  (ObedienceUK) 8/7/2017 20:5:57

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Andover. Thanks to Sue Garner.

Draw - North West Kent  (ObedienceUK) 7/7/2017 10:59:18

I've just uploaded the running orders for North West Kent. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Urgent Judge Needed Liskeard  (tralanas) 7/7/2017 10:49:40

Please can anyone help due to a server Foot Infection I am unable to fulfill my judging appointment this weekend at
Liskeard Show 9th July
13 in class
with a fantastic steward

I can guarantee you will be well looked after

Cippenham Champ Show  (dingdongcharlie) 6/7/2017 15:0:16

Thank you for your lovely report, & thank you for inviting me to run the stay ring , & thanks also for my lovely gift at the end of the day , I will make sure it gets well used , Special thanks to Sarah , Sandra , Steve ,& all the Cippenham members .


Unfortunately my ring steward broke her ankle yesterday leaving me without a ring steward. Is anyone available to do this C round? Contact or text phone 07713711535.

  (EileenRestell) 5/7/2017 11:1:56

Steward found - many thanks to Rhiannon Mulrean - someone who already does quite a lot...  (EileenRestell) 6/7/2017 9:49:40

Draw - South West Competitive Obedience Group  (ObedienceUK) 5/7/2017 23:26:54

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for South West Competitive Obedience Group. Thanks to Kay Allen.

Sweetie-Pie Meg  (MEGGYMOO) 5/7/2017 21:7:31

We'd like to thank every-one who sent cards and messages on the loss of our wonderful friend Meg. It's a week since she went to Rainbow Bridge and we are so glad to have shared over 14 wonderful years with her. Peeling a carrot, having a banana, opening a packet of frozen peas or doing many other everyday things will never be the same again. We'll always miss her. Run free our 'once in a lifetime Meggie-Moo'.

NAABTS-Change of judge 16-7-17  (Jomagic) 5/7/2017 20:57:20

NAABTS 16-7-17


Please note C part 2 will now be judged by Bronwyn Bartley.

Thank you Bronwyn and Roy Page for stepping in at short notice.


PARTY TIME FOR JANE AND OBCH ZEB  (jaro) 4/7/2017 22:11:40

We will be celebrating making Zeb into an Obedience Champion at hatchfordbrook on the sat evening
with a buffet disco and bar
all welcome to come and join us Jane and Rob

I will get my outfit ready  (janet oliver) 5/7/2017 20:53:28

I will get my outfit ready  (janet oliver) 5/7/2017 20:53:42

Stanhope Agricultural Show  (zeta) 5/7/2017 20:47:43

Posting on behalf of Moira Jobling due to unforeseen circumstances Bryony Rees Dobbs is unable Judge Class C at Stanhope Agricultural Show. It will now judged by Karen Davies instead.

Lichfield Show Entries  (K9MadLady) 4/7/2017 17:27:23

Entries for Lichfield Show will be taken at Coventry Show this weekend. Remember it's Qualifier Show for YKC as well. Come on, don't be shy and get those entries in. Box for entries will be in Secretary's tent

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