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WOBURN ENTRIES  (hackpack) 23/6/2017 20:47:28

Woburn entries close next Wednesday, 28th (postmark). Don't forget to get your entries in.

Culverstone Open & Champ shows  (Dippi) 22/6/2017 19:38:4

After all the problems earlier this year starting with finding the gypsies had moved in next door followed by the lack of food available & how it was offered we are looking hard for a new venue yet again. We believe that we have managed to find a place that will suit all our needs & the competitors.
We will make an announcement of where it is as soon as we have finalised all the details. Jo

Well done Jo , the breakfasts were worse than Morrisons .
  (dingdongcharlie) 22/6/2017 22:32:35

Thankyou all for persevering and not caving in so another show is lost!!! Just a thought but if your prospective venue is not feasible, how about the new(ish) Ditton venue.... Ashford Rugby Club Kinneys Lane, off Canterbury Road Kennington Ashford TN24 9QB. It has everything you could wish for, plus a great clubhouse which overlooks the rings and loads of room for parking. Not sure how it would work for you distance wise, but worth a try maybe! Trish
  (trishajones) 23/6/2017 12:4:0

Draw - Okehampton  (ObedienceUK) 22/6/2017 17:36:50

I've just uploaded the running orders for Okehampton. Thanks to Caz Turner.

Surrey Ch C Dog Report Posted  (Russell) 22/6/2017 16:19:49

Report Posted

Report.  (Wayside) 22/6/2017 12:34:34

Pre Beg report added for Sherborne Vale.

Draw - NAABTS  (ObedienceUK) 21/6/2017 22:53:40

I've just uploaded the running orders for the Northern Alsatian & All Breeds Training Society. Thanks to Jo Woodhead.

Draw - Cippenham  (ObedienceUK) 21/6/2017 20:52:10

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Cippenham. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

Draw - Chadkirk  (ObedienceUK) 21/6/2017 17:31:6

I've just uploaded the running orders for Chadkirk. Thanks to Steve Rutter.

Draw - Coventry  (ObedienceUK) 21/6/2017 17:21:54

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Coventry Open. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Plea for Steward  (gefion) 20/6/2017 11:26:33

Is there a kind soul out there who could please steward for me at South Eastern on Sunday? I only have 36 and am judging A. Many Thanks Ron

steward now found.Thank you so much TANYA BUTLER.  (gefion) 21/6/2017 8:10:39

Draw - Findon Downs  (ObedienceUK) 21/6/2017 7:50:0

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Findon Downs. Thanks to Pat O'Shea.

Loughborough Open Show 2017  (robz) 20/6/2017 15:22:50

I have today received from Kennel Club a certificate awarding us EXCELLENT for our open show held Saturday 17th of May and would like to thank everyone concerned who helped us to achieve this, so pleased. Ruth

Absolutely fantastic and well done, all of you.  (ken) 20/6/2017 20:35:27

Draw - Winchester  (ObedienceUK) 20/6/2017 17:59:17

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Winchester. Thanks to Sue Garner.

Surrey Show Grenfell Tower Collection  (Marie) 20/6/2017 9:41:42

Many thanks to everyone who donated to this collection on Sunday. We have been able to send 107.11 to the Red Cross London Fire Appeal.

Well done , but going by the number of people there , I would have expected much more   (dingdongcharlie) 20/6/2017 12:53:6

Surrey DTS Ch. Show  (Marie) 16/6/2017 21:47:41

We hope you will all have a great day on Sunday at our show.
In view of the recent disaster at Grenfell Tower, we are placing a collection box at the stay ring and the Secretary's Tent so that we can send a donation to the Relief Fund.
I have been reading some final messages sent out by people trapped in the smoke and flames; one of which reads 'I'm staying here with the dogs'.
Thank you for any contribution you can make on Sunday.

How much did it raise? I hope it was well supported.

Sharon   (dingdongcharlie) 19/6/2017 11:57:37

Have not heard anything in the media about pets, but did see on a social site that people are questioning that dogs/cats being allowed and kept in high rise buildings, no gardens etc?
Dreadful for everyone concerned.  (chris P) 19/6/2017 16:28:42

See my recent post about for the amount raised.  (Marie) 20/6/2017 9:44:6

Ring Steward wanted please  (Freewheeling) 17/6/2017 7:33:52

Steward wanted for Novice Dog pt 2 at South Eastern next Sunday please - due to illness. Thank you. Sandy Evans

Anyone?  (Freewheeling) 19/6/2017 19:24:3

NWest Kent plea for a judge  (EileenRestell) 19/6/2017 17:15:43

NWKent - 22 July - is there someone out there that will judge B Dog in place of Sheila Lunn? All the usual benefits apply and I really don't want to get in to no judge no class scenario so someone please help us out.

NWKent Change of judges  (EileenRestell) 19/6/2017 12:3:4

North West Kent DTC Change of judges Champ & Open Shows 22 & 23 July - Unfortunately John Taylor is unable to judge this year, Juliette Wettern will now judge Open C Dog Part 1 on Champ Day and Barbara Short has kindly agreed to take Juliettes Open day appointment C Dog Part 1. Open Day, Rob Summerfield will now judge A Dog Part 1, in place of John. Mark Herrits is unable to judge this year and Min Partner will now judge B Dog Part 1, thank you Min. There is only one part of C Dog and Anna Herzog is happy to judge the whole class rather than have the class split. Jenny Gould now has the day off 😊
Champ day an exceptional entry for Beginner D&B so Jenny Harknett -Part 1 and Pat Faulkner has agreed to judge Part 2. There are only 2 parts to Novice Dog each day.

Les Perry  (Whoopie) 19/6/2017 9:17:55

Address needed for Les please , I can't seem to find it , must be an age thing !!!!

It's on the HELP Page  (ObedienceUK) 19/6/2017 9:52:17

Also on the Schedule Page  (ObedienceUK) 19/6/2017 9:54:29

Exeter Novice Dog Part 1 Report  (preciousgem) 19/6/2017 0:1:24

I have just sent my report. Apologies for lateness.

Draw - Irvine Valley  (ObedienceUK) 18/6/2017 21:30:11

I've just uploaded the running orders for Irvine Valley. Thanks to Caron Thomson.

LUNE VALLEY DTC CLOSING DATE 21ST JUNE  (alithomson) 18/6/2017 19:41:1

Just a little reminder that the closing date for Lune Valley DTC summer show on 5th and 6th August (6th = champ day) is this Wednesday, 21st June. Remember you can book online 'with your dog' or get yourselves to the post office asap!!!

Surrey - Dog Ticket  (Whyso) 18/6/2017 18:13:45

Surrey Dog Ticket - Judge Russell Becque:
Sue King winning with Nifty
Jodame Dutch Courage now an Obedience Champion (subject to KC confirmation)

Surrey bitch cc  (puppies) 18/6/2017 16:6:14

Suzy Tooley and Ob Ch Everush Olympic Flame

Today''s ticket winners   (puppies) 17/6/2017 16:9:7

Congratulations on today's ticket winners. Moe Edser dog - forever my miracle and Di Martin bitch - lupitoonz eazi peazi

wow great result today Moe  (kenneth) 17/6/2017 18:45:40

New schedule - GSD Club of Wales  (ObedienceUK) 17/6/2017 10:33:53

I've just uploaded the schedule for the GSD Club of Wales, Championship, 24th September 2017. Thanks to Sue Evans.

Newbury DTS B Dog Report posted  (mb) 16/6/2017 21:41:31

Sorry for the delay, my report is now posted

New schedule - GSD (Alsatian) Club of the UK  (ObedienceUK) 16/6/2017 14:37:3

I've just uploaded the schedule for the GSD (Alsatian) Club of the UK, Open, 26th November 2016. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Draw - Preston & Fylde  (ObedienceUK) 16/6/2017 14:11:17

I've just uploaded the running orders for Preston & Fylde. Thanks to Steve Rutter.

Chalfield Show - IMPORTANT  ( 11/6/2017 13:42:57

Copied from Facebook -

**Heads Up for Chalfield Competitors**
Our Open show next Sunday is enter the show ground the usual way but only till 9.15 am ( latest) then the gate will be locked. So can everyone be in by that time??? If not there is an alternative route off the A60 onto a perimeter road that runs round the park onto Asher Lane. This gate will be manned from 9am ( approx) and you will be directed onto the showground.
This will also be the NEW EXIT route wen leaving the please ALL competitors make a mental note 🐶🏆🐶hopefully there wont be any problems 👍🏼👍🏼See you all next Sunday

Sheila Edwards

Thanks for that Sheila but any idea when the draw will be published?

  (RWA) 12/6/2017 13:30:27

I received the draw yesterday, but there was a technical problem with it. Should be published soon.  (ObedienceUK) 12/6/2017 22:24:40

Is the running order for YKC going to be made available on here? Thanks  (WASP) 13/6/2017 19:15:14

Running Order YKC

There is no running order for YKC, if competitors please come to ring at start of day, judging is 10 am. We will work Basic Class, then Novice and followed by High Flyers. Stays will be at end of each class in YKC ring I assume, any change to this will be announced at ring. If competitors have entered Open Show classes, could they please let me know as those stay times will take priority, so we can work around these.
See you all on Sunday and remember to keep yourselves and your dogs cool and hydrated at all times, it's going to be HOT......

Annegret, YKC Judge  (K9MadLady) 16/6/2017 9:55:18

Newmarket report  (Glo) 14/6/2017 23:24:6

Novice part 2 added

Draw - Billingshurst  (ObedienceUK) 14/6/2017 12:30:46

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class listings) for Billingshurst. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Waterproof Scoresheets - URGENT NOTICE  (roypage) 14/6/2017 11:19:45

I've found out that a few Show Secretaries are still trying to order scoresheets using our old freeserve (or orangehome) email address. These addresses no longer exist and so emails will not be received by us.

Please use the new address as shown on the "Schedules" page - this is:

Thank you
Roy & Shelagh Page

New schedule - Southern GSD  (ObedienceUK) 14/6/2017 10:1:52

I've just uploaded the schedule for Southern GSD TC, Open, 24th September 2017. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

wirral nov report added  (jaro) 13/6/2017 22:13:9

wirral nov report added

Draw - South Eastern  (ObedienceUK) 13/6/2017 18:42:51

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for South Eastern. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Coventry C dog Steward Needed Please  (TammyW) 13/6/2017 15:26:0

Is there any kind soul who would Steward C dog for Darren at coventry show in July, please please and pretty please again 🤞

Waldridge Fell Special Fundraising Class  (GLENDALE) 13/6/2017 12:48:51

report now posted

Draw - Chalfield  (ObedienceUK) 12/6/2017 23:42:39

I've just uploaded the running orders for Chalfield. Thanks to Sue Bean.

Newmarket & District Canine Society Report   (GSDUK) 12/6/2017 19:11:26

Report posted for Beginners Saturday 10/6/17

Witham & District DTS obedience show  (Whatsname) 7/6/2017 12:11:19

Please note change of judges for our show to be held on 29 July 2017. Derek Blinch has agreed to judge Novice Pt 1 to enable John Rogers to step into John Taylor's shoes by judging A Pt 3. All good wishes go to John Taylor for his operation and a speedy recovery. Thank you. Bridget

Well done Dick .  (dingdongcharlie) 8/6/2017 7:46:13

Derek said his brother Dick is judging Novice but he will answer to Derek if it helps.  (redfynn) 12/6/2017 18:51:52

Steward needed  (chrissiek) 12/6/2017 15:23:39

Help wanted! Good lunch guaranteed, lovely dogs, lovely peeps - South Eastern needs a steward for B Bitch! Please let me or Jo Edwards know. Ta folks!

Chris King

BAGSD WEEK END 23rd and 24th September  (michael) 12/6/2017 13:15:39

BAGSD Championship and Birmingham North Open shows 23th &24th September at Sandwell valley Country Park will have one entry form. All cheques should be made out to BAGSD LTD and sent to Mrs.D. Little. Camping will be for 1-3 nights Friday, Saturday and Sunday if required (names in windows please park wardens will be chacking)


Petersfield B bitch  (wendyfisher) 12/6/2017 11:19:17

Report added

Loughborough reports posted  (trimor) 12/6/2017 10:14:33

Pre Beginner & Beginner reports posted

Gadget  (sue_abraham) 10/6/2017 12:41:35

On sad note I lost Gadget on Thursday night. It was all to sudden.
He was pain off my life. But now I miss dearly.

So sorry Sue, Brian told me but didn't know when I would see you. Sleep well Gadget

  (Nadine) 10/6/2017 15:43:37

So sorry  (sandy) 10/6/2017 18:18:1

So sorry Sue .   (dingdongcharlie) 11/6/2017 10:58:49

Sorry Sue. He wasn't that old either, was he? Big shock for you.
  (ChrissieT) 11/6/2017 19:27:54

NATIONAL OBEDIENCE CLASS FINALS 2017  (jembush) 11/6/2017 18:19:45


It is fabulous to see so many people winning and getting places at shows,remember to collate all your wins and places using the points forms, ready for NOCF on 9 December 2017 at the KC Building, Stoneleigh, Warks.

You need to qualify to take part in this glittering end of year event, celebrating obedience with classes for pre beginners up to C, this is your chance to don your glad rags and show off your fabulous dogs to compete for this years class crowns - you could be the 2017 class Champion!!!

You get points for places from 1st - 6th at all open and champs shows within this years qualifying period, which is 4 October 2016 2 October 2017.

All Qualifying Points for entry must have been earned by the dog (PB and Beg refers).
Points will be allocated as follows:

1st 10 points
2nd 8 points
3rd 6 points
4th 4 points
5th 2 points
6th 1 point

Points can be used to qualify for the class in which they are attained only for example, points gained for places in class A may only be accumulated to qualify for the A Class at the National Obedience Class Finals and may not be transferred to another class, even if the dog is currently eligible to compete at the Novice level.
Qualifying points needed for each class are as follows:

PreBeginner 10 points
Beginner 15 points
Novice/Class A/Class B 20 points
Class C 15 points

A dog can be entered in 1 class only, but handlers may enter more than 1 dog, as long as each dog is suitably qualified for the class in which it is entered.

In the event that a dog accumulates sufficient points in 2 or more classes during the qualifying period, the dog should be entered in the HIGHEST class for which it is qualified.

Full details can be found on our website

We look forward to seeing you all there!


Posted report for the BEGINNER (DOG & BITCH) CLASS

My Petersfield report is in two parts as I accidently pressed Submit and had to continue on another thread. Sorry!  (REMMIE) 11/6/2017 18:0:45

today''s ticket winner  (puppies) 11/6/2017 17:50:44

CONGRATULATIONS to Bron Bartley and Bheinn He's A Gift Forever (now an obed ch subject to KC) and Kathy Russell for winning the bitch ticket

ObCh Ruskath Makana Image was Kathy;'s winner  (puppies) 11/6/2017 17:52:43

photos on flicker  (tralanas) 11/6/2017 11:14:25

wondering if anyone knows if the pictures on Flicker can be copied and downloaded and if so how do you do it has would like to copy some

BOVEY TRACEY 10TH JUNE SHOW LOST TOY!  (Priscilla) 11/6/2017 11:12:34

I fully appreciate this may be a bit of a long shot but I thought I'd give it a go. Yesterday my collie lost his toy in the exercise field (I think) and I was hoping someone one might have picked it up. It's a dark red rubber tube with a nylon rope through the middle. He's had it for 5 years and he carries it with him everywhere so needless to say he's a bit lost today! If anyone has happened to find it please could you let me know and I'll send you a stamped address Jiffy bag!

P.S. I've not used this site before so I do hope my request isn't too inappropriate.
07966 237716

today''s ticket winners  (puppies) 10/6/2017 18:54:32

Geraldine Steadman and OB CH Nobite Defence Of The Realm (dog)

Hatchford Brook closing date 12th June  (corneroak) 7/6/2017 12:26:55

To remind you all that the closing date for Hatchford Brook Show entries is next Monday 12th June. So come on get those entries in !!!

Bump  (corneroak) 10/6/2017 8:47:23

Appeal for Help, Chalfield DTC June 18th C Steward  (jazztherazz) 9/6/2017 12:51:42

Hi, a week to go, not panicing just yet, however, we are still looking for a steward for a C round. Usual Chalfield hospitality applies, even an italian meal out at lunch this year! (tempt tempt?) - If anybody can step in, or knows of someone who could, please contact Sheila on OBUK facebook page, or on 07535 159017, etc

Steward needed for St Edward''s tomorrow  (EileenRestell) 9/6/2017 8:32:47

Will any kind soul offer to steward A Dog for me tomorrow at St Edwards? Unfortunately my steward is poorly so cannot be at the show. Message me or call 07954 414190 thanks in hope.

Steward found with many thanks to Sandy Evans.  (EileenRestell) 9/6/2017 11:19:55

Steward found with many thanks to Sandy Evans.  (EileenRestell) 9/6/2017 11:20:2

Steward found with many thanks to Sandy Evans.  (EileenRestell) 9/6/2017 11:20:5

Steward found with many thanks to Sandy Evans.  (EileenRestell) 9/6/2017 11:20:7

Border Collie Club of Wales  (Cathysl) 1/6/2017 21:12:6

Many thanks to judges and stewards who gave up their time for us today. Thanks to the competitors who seemed to be enjoying the show. Congratulations to our class winners. Good luck for the rest of the season. We hope to see you all again next year 😊😊

Well done Cathy and all the helpers, It was a friendly and happy show.  (kenneth) 2/6/2017 13:0:26

Thank you for a lovely show, and for everyones hard work. We will see you definitely next year  (pspencer) 3/6/2017 18:23:48

Thanks for the kind comments 😊. Still unclaimed after our show is a plastic treat container. It had sausages in it when handed in. It's now washed and ready to be returned to it's owner. If whoever left it behind contacts me I will arrange to get it back yo you.  (Cathysl) 8/6/2017 22:38:2

New schedule - Cheshire  (ObedienceUK) 8/6/2017 16:16:31

I've just uploaded the schedule for Cheshire DTA, 7th (Open) & 8th (Championship) October 2017. Thanks to Lisa Stock.

Culverstone Sunday.  (wendyfisher) 8/6/2017 15:44:0

Pre-Beginner Dog and Pre-beginner Bitch reports added for judge Pauline Clark.

Steward available   (wychinmutts) 7/6/2017 21:14:43

Hi if any one needs a steward for either Sunbury or Surrey please contact me

Fire Extinguishers  (speath) 5/6/2017 22:16:36

Can anyone tell me what the rules/law is regarding fire extinguishers at open dog shows please.

The KC do not state the requirments but you need to check with your puplic liability insurance and your own risk assessement which the KC do require. I always think it best to have at least 2 fire points depending on the size of show. 2 fire extinguishers + bucket water or sand and clear signage.
  (doghouse) 6/6/2017 8:20:18

Many thanks lillian  (speath) 6/6/2017 9:48:50

Thank you Lilian on Sunday at Petersfield for all your kindness and help and advise on the many questions I asked you.
We are indeed very lucky to have somebody like you that gives up so much time to our sport , and your wisdom and advise on handling also delicate matters.

Janet Oliver. Coriecollies.  (janet oliver) 6/6/2017 12:18:36

we at Culverstone have just had all our fire extinguishers put through their annual safety checks ahead of our recent shows to ensure that they were all tested within the last 12 months and where necessary the cartridges were replaced. Clearly if their are caravans and camper vans attending the show then they ought to be checked by the vehicle owners to ensure that they comply with their own insurers requirements etc. Also you need to consider that there are different types of extinguisher ie water, foam, powder and perhaps you should ensure that you have a couple of each

Hope this helps Mikem  (kyledon) 6/6/2017 13:3:32

We also have our own fire blanket.  (pspencer) 6/6/2017 19:7:17

where can we purchase this equipment  (janet oliver) 7/6/2017 12:25:19

Kidde 1kg powder fire extinguisher, can be used on wood,paper,textiles,petrol,oils,paints and flammable gases, for the home, office, boat, caravan,vehicle fires.14-99

Kidde fire blanket, for use on pan fires and clothing fires.24-99  (pspencer) 7/6/2017 20:46:56

New pictures - Petersfield  (ObedienceUK) 7/6/2017 9:41:57

I've just uploaded Liz Bagley's pictures from Peterfield to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Newmarket show  (havocharper) 6/6/2017 6:25:56

Gentle reminder camping is only for judges and stewards this year due to building work. Judges and stewards please remember your camping pass or you may struggle getting on the site.

What time are we allowed onto site on Friday?  (wildl) 6/6/2017 7:42:26

Provided you have a pass any time after 9.30.
  (havocharper) 6/6/2017 14:22:26

Thank you  (wildl) 7/6/2017 8:21:7

Draw - Solihull  (ObedienceUK) 6/6/2017 22:34:34

I've just uploaded the running order (and full class lists) for Solihull. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Draw - Sherborne Val  (ObedienceUK) 6/6/2017 18:1:7

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Sherborne Vale. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Draw - GSD Club of Devon  (ObedienceUK) 6/6/2017 17:50:52

I've just uploaded the running orders for the GSD Club of Devon. Thanks to Carol Bath.

Dislocated toe on back leg  (Innominate ) 6/6/2017 16:18:37

Has anyone experienced a dog with a dislocated toe and if so do they have any advice? I have seen two different vets, the first one bandaged it but so poorly that after three minutes of being at home the bandage fell off, not pulled off. Seen a second vet today who has stabilized the toe and bandaged it well. However, he says it has to stay bandaged for a month, with the bandage changed weekly.The dog is fully insured so expense is not a problem.Thank you

CHANGE OF JUDGE - SOUTH EASTERN SHOW  (chrissiek) 5/6/2017 15:52:2

Please be aware that Jan Green is no longer able to judge our C Dog Part Two class, and Linda Hughes has very kindly agreed to take over for us.
We would like to thank Linda very much indeed and we wish Jan a very speedy recovery!

Best wishes

Chris King

CHADKIRK SHOW  (JanTootall) 5/6/2017 15:26:56

PLEASE HELP! Two stewards needed for our weekend show - both for Sunday 2nd July. Anyone free willing and able to steward two very small classes, one is for Beginners and the other for the KC Pre-Beginner Stakes. Numbers entered - should be finished by lunchtime! Thanks in anticipation.

PETERSFIELD C DOG PART 1  (janet oliver) 5/6/2017 15:10:24


June Fillingham   (springmist) 5/6/2017 10:35:9

Hi June you have made a mistake on the names on your report for Nov Dog at Basingstoke.
Should read 2nd Sandra Curry & Westoning Sporty Nike. Perhaps you could ask Les to change it.
Thanks Sandra

NWKent Open & Champ Shows  (EileenRestell) 5/6/2017 10:17:26

Entries close on the 10th June - post and via WYD. On Open day we have Intro to Open C plus KC Spec Pre Beg Stakes and 3 YKC classes - YKC is only 2.50 per entry so come on youngsters give it a go.

Rosettes from plantation park  (Kath) 5/6/2017 8:54:31

Left over rosettes from Plantation Park:
Mrs. L. Newman. Hazel Troth. Maggie Spencer and Linda Curtis. I'll have them with me at Newmarket. Judging Novice on Sunday - come and find me 👍

Draw - Surrey  (ObedienceUK) 5/6/2017 8:27:41

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Surrey. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

Draw - Sunbury & Hanworth  (ObedienceUK) 5/6/2017 8:26:59

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Sunbury and Hanworth. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

Draw - Isle of Man  (ObedienceUK) 4/6/2017 21:39:58

I've just uploaded the running orders for the Isle of Man Dog Club. Thanks to Tracy McKinlay.

today''s ticket winners  (puppies) 4/6/2017 17:6:24

congratulations to ticket winners Dee Steadman (Kethinna Johhny Be Good) and Jane Moran (Ob Ch Dusters Done 'N' Dusted

Burnham Show  (tralanas) 4/6/2017 12:24:28

Does anyone know if this show is going ahead has I'm suppose to be judging here but heard nothing

Yes Tracey, still going ahead, apparently just awaiting confirmation from the venue. :)  (Wizzpop) 4/6/2017 16:31:34

Loughborough Show Left Items  (robz) 4/6/2017 13:24:22

Picture on facebook of property left at our show, contact me to claim if yours, I will only hold for so long then dispose of them. Ruth

NEWBURY OPEN OBEDIENCE SHOW 10th JUNE  (Brynards) 4/6/2017 12:18:44

Due to unforeseen circumstances Mrs Marney Wells is unable to judge our 'A'dog Part 1. But we have been very lucky to secure the services of Mrs Kath Case who will now be taking up the pencil work for 'A' Dog Part 1. Thank you Kath.

Loughborough Show Results  (robz) 4/6/2017 10:49:32

I have listed all class results on the reports page, apologies for any spelling mistakes. Ruth

Draw - St Edwards  (ObedienceUK) 4/6/2017 9:33:45

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for St Edwards. Thanks to Alison Shaw.

Newmarket Show update  (havocharper) 4/6/2017 6:7:13

Newmarket want to thank Linda Hughes who has kindly offered to judge in place of Angie Whitnell who has sadly a broken collar bone. Wish you well soon Angie and mega mega thanks to Linda who stepped up to the plate in our hour of need. I was beginning to worry.

Waldridge Fell DTs  (Whoopie) 4/6/2017 5:51:48

Novice Pt 3 report now on site.

Angie Henry

Waldridge Fell Show  (sorcha) 31/5/2017 9:40:13

A huge pat on the back to Jenny and Terry and all the waldridge fell members, Also not forgetting the Wigton people, Pat Wilson Jim and Angela Bragg and far to many others to name, Who enabled this 3 day show to retake place, A big job to step up and take over the reins , But Jenny you did it! .AAnd getting an Excellent rating from the KC Rep. Well that must have put the icing on the cake. The whole of the show, just cruised along, Fabulous Venue lovely walks, and the weather overall was fantastic, The atmosphere was great I never heard a negetive comment, Can't wait for next year, well done team and also a mention to Jackie muir who was up and down the field like an Exocet missile seeing to everyone needs, Keep,it Waldridge what a great show,🍾🍾🍾

Thank you all for a great show. Steve and Holly.  (MEGGYMOO) 31/5/2017 20:47:42

Travel down from Scotland each year and always enjoy the Show. Well done.
  (GoldenGirls) 3/6/2017 19:35:12

Travel down from Scotland each year and always enjoy the Show. Well done.
  (GoldenGirls) 3/6/2017 19:35:36

WOBURN SHOWS - CHANGE OF JUDGES  (hackpack) 3/6/2017 16:15:47

On Saturday (open show) Beginner Dog/Bitch will now be judged by Jean Payne.
On Sunday (ticket day) 'C' Bitch pt 1 will now be judged by Sue Maddox.

WAKE UP   (janet oliver) 2/6/2017 11:26:49







Unfortunately there are other shows on the same date, competitors can only go to one show.   (Fergze) 2/6/2017 11:47:10

Please see my response.
When you apply to the kennel club to get a show off the ground they take into great detail if there are any shows on the same date and the distance away as they do not want shows competing against each other in the same areas.
  (janet oliver) 2/6/2017 12:17:52

May I know who is Fergze ?  (janet oliver) 2/6/2017 12:19:47

I was referring to Findon's Show Janet, I would have entered Findon but always go to Coventry.

Donna  (Fergze) 2/6/2017 13:26:16

Really sorry to hear this, when I read that the club were worried they may not break even, I put an entry in even though I have no idea if I will be able to go or not - for me it was worth 5 not to loose another show down south. As for all the comments about not putting an entry in because it wasn't on WYD - well if people can't be bothered to do a paper entry for one show - I really do despair for the future of obedience and perhaps this shows why clubs have such a difficult time getting people to help out - stand all day judging/stewarding/putting up rings, etc., versus putting an entry in the post, I know which I think is harder! Must say am also surprised as Winchester is on the Sunday, would have thought people would want to come down south in readiness for that, they couldn't camp at Eastleigh nor Winchester, so it can't be anything to do with camping. Good Luck Janet with your new show - can easily understand why you are concerned about the finances - perhaps having the show in April will be a help as Findon held their shows in April before, maybe the time of year has something to do with it. It would be interesting to hear why people haven't entered - certainly a good selection of Judges. Chris.   (Mossie) 2/6/2017 14:4:59

That is your choice but for people that live in the south Findon is their local show .  (janet oliver) 2/6/2017 14:8:22

Janet , If you click on the blue name by the heading, it often shows the name of the writer ( not always , some use cryptic names )  (dingdongcharlie) 2/6/2017 18:16:51

Aberdeen Okehampton Coventry Isle of Man!not exactly Sussex!come on the south help save our shows!!  (Hasia) 2/6/2017 19:53:44

BRAVO  (janet oliver) 2/6/2017 20:28:56

Am sure if they have a whip round people would be happy to donate a few pounds to help towards costs?  (ChrissieT) 2/6/2017 21:23:50

It woukd be another nail in the coffin if we loose Findon Show ,always a lovely ,we'll run show .we are loosing so many shows down South ,,it will be too late soon ,no shows and everyone moaning unless we do something about it ,To Janet ,I wish you every success in your endeavour to run a show ,not an easy task to take on ,I am willing to help in any way for you ,  (Sten) 2/6/2017 22:34:32

Thank you greatly appreciated.  (janet oliver) 3/6/2017 14:55:54

It is a shame about such a low entry but please don't shout me down here as I know how difficult it is to find venues but the Findon ground is quite near a busy road and might put some people off as I have heard this discussed amongst people I know. Just saying! This is the first ever Findon show I have not entered.  (REMMIE) 3/6/2017 15:48:54

Newmarket Show  (havocharper) 3/6/2017 11:6:43

Newmarket urgently require a C Judge for Sunday 11th June (non-ticket day). Class of 37 - We can offer camping, a roast dinner from the carvery and scrummy home made cakes for tea (I believe I heard the words Coffee and Lemon mentioned) Please please can someone help us.............. If you can then please either message me, or ring me on 01638 665522 or ring Carol on 01284 789398.
Do hope your collarbone soon mends Angie.

Draw - Carmarthen  (ObedienceUK) 3/6/2017 9:32:35

I've just uploaded the running orders for Carmarthen. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.

New schedule - BAGSD/BAGSD Birm North  (ObedienceUK) 3/6/2017 9:19:27

I've just uploaded the schedule for BAGSD/BAGSD Birmingham North Branch, 23rd (Championship) & 24th (Open) September 2017. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.

STEWARD FOR NOVICE DOG PT 1 - BASINGSTOKE  (Kathgorick) 2/6/2017 11:3:10

Due to a bereavement we are looking for steward and scoreboarder for our Novice Dog Pt 1 at BASINGSTOKE OPEN SHOW tomorrow. Please can anybody step forward to save the day?

We now have a scoreboarder but are still desperate to find a steward. Thank you  (Kathgorick) 2/6/2017 11:42:40

Bump  (Innominate ) 2/6/2017 19:40:54

Bump  (Innominate ) 2/6/2017 19:40:59

Has no one stepped up. It's 9pm and I'm just off out with dogs. I'd really prefer not to do it as will have to get family involved at late notice to take care of my mum. If you're desperate (and I mean desperate) let me know. Either msg me or mobile 07541961533
Meanwhile would someone else PLEASE do it !!!   (jennyl) 2/6/2017 21:5:1

Judging at Petersfield sunday. Sorry. Would have helped otherwise.  (ChrissieT) 2/6/2017 21:30:30

WAKE UP   (janet oliver) 2/6/2017 12:11:55

On that date there is
Isle of Man.
So yes there is a choice for all competitors in all those areas, but I am talking about the south FINDON SHOW

There is also a BCOS show on that date in the south.  (Fergze) 2/6/2017 13:33:13

A BCOS show is not a kennel club open show , your wins do not count for an open show.  (janet oliver) 2/6/2017 14:22:36

Not able to make Findon this year but happy to put fiver in the pot. Have not sorted next year as yet but again Janet happy to put fiver in your pot, every little helps.  (doghouse) 2/6/2017 17:36:57

Findon moved to April wasn't it so it wouldn't clash with anything else. I judged beginner that year and had 59 entries ! So why change date, was there a reason ?   (jennyl) 2/6/2017 20:50:3

Think they had problem with the venue. Sometimes wasn't available because of racing. No horse racing in July, so no problems with venue. And being same weekend as Winchester, would have made it more popular. Seems not.
  (ChrissieT) 2/6/2017 21:27:20

STILL DESPERATE FOR A STEWARD FOR TOMORROW   (Kathgorick) 2/6/2017 19:40:57

Still desperate to find a steward for Novice Dog Pt 1 for tomorrow at Basingstoke - due to a bereavement. Please can anyone help?

CHANGE OF JUDGE BILLINGSHURST DTC  (eunice) 2/6/2017 18:19:48

Unfortunately john Taylor is unable to judge B Bitch for us this year due to a pending hip operation. The class will be judged by Teresa Paterson, who we thank for stepping into the breach.

Eunice Pearson
Show Secretary

CHANGE OF JUDGE - ST.EDWARDS SHOW  (jennyH) 2/6/2017 8:1:2

Unfortunately, we have heard that our Beginner Dog judge is not able to fulfil her appointment. Hazel Troth has kindly stepped in and accepted the invitation to judge this class for us.

CHANGE OF JUDGE - BASINGSTOKE OPEN SHOW  (Kathgorick) 1/6/2017 18:8:50

Sam Rice will now be judging A DOG Pt 2 instead of Colin Huntley.
Thank you so much Sam for stepping in at the last moment.

Draw - Newmarket  (ObedienceUK) 31/5/2017 12:30:48

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Newmarket. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

the sunday running orders are the same as saturday  (dan_0028) 31/5/2017 12:50:20

Should be OK now  (ObedienceUK) 1/6/2017 10:40:48

Plantation Park Weekend Beginners Report  (GSDUK) 31/5/2017 19:31:52

Posted my report for 27/5/17 on the reports section of this website. :)

South and South West area Questionnaire  (merlie) 31/5/2017 18:28:16

Please could all interested parties in South and South West take a few minutes to complete the Obedience Liaison Council Agenda questionnaire either online at or via a hard copy available from Lilian Turner (please dont do both) Any queries can be directed to myself or Lilian

Many thanks


New schedule - The Welsh KC  (ObedienceUK) 31/5/2017 17:19:55

I've just uploaded the schedule for the Welsh Kennel Club, Championship, 19th August 2017. Thanks to Ann Hill.

Findon Downs DTC Open Show 8th July  (PatOshea) 22/5/2017 19:29:18

Just a quick reminder that the closing date is 27th May - entries so far are very poor and giving rise to concern.

We have worked very hard to get the show together again following the disapointment of last year so please support our 47th Open Show by getting your entries in ASAP.

We will make a great warm up for Winchester Championship Show on Sunday 9th July.

Come on people, support your southern shows or lose them.


Pat O'Shea
Findon Downs DTC

Maybe people forget it/miss it because it's not on With Your Dog. I nearly forgot it myself.

Sharon   (dingdongcharlie) 22/5/2017 20:36:25

I have never been to your show, thinking of entering but unable to as not on with your dog, like to keep record of show I enter  (heathpet) 24/5/2017 18:4:21

Sorry Pat. With your Dog has made lazy, just sit and wait for it to pop up on my email. Thanks for the reminder.  (miglio2) 25/5/2017 21:14:47

There are only two shows in the South east now who do not use With Your Dog, I believe. Not using them is likely to put people off entering your show. I would thoroughly recommend using them and they are very helpful. If you do your entries a particular way, they will make every effort to supply the information to you in a way that suits.   (Fran) 27/5/2017 12:10:37

sorry I cant enter, I am stewarding!!!  (jembush) 27/5/2017 19:20:30

NAABTS show is on wyd and paper. Very few entering via either... sad state of affairs then people moan and get upset when shows disappear.
Please support the shows we work so hard to put them on for everyone.
X  (Jomagic) 27/5/2017 20:38:44

What is NAABTS?  (Emmahawkes) 29/5/2017 20:1:20

Northern Alsatian and All Breeds training society show!   (Jomagic) 31/5/2017 17:1:13

NAABTS ENTRIES   (Jomagic) 31/5/2017 16:59:25

I'll be at BCCof Wales tomorrow if anybody wants to give me their NAABTS entry.

Come on don't be shy ... where's everyone hiding. 😊

Still loads of camping left Thursday- Monday (showers, real toilets, cafe and a BAR!)

Acres and Acres of beautiful woodland to play in and a working surface to die for!!

Entries close Monday 5th June.

loughborough B dog part 2. Exeter B dog and bitch  (DWFFERR) 31/5/2017 16:5:2

reports posted.

Pauline Hill

Lisburn & District DTC - Champ Show Saturday   (K8) 31/5/2017 13:4:14


Due to the increase in entries - Wendy Hagger will NO longer be judging Beginners on Saturday. This class will be judged by Vanessa Sultana after novice judging is completed. Thanks Vanessa for stepping in.



Draw - St Mary''s  (ObedienceUK) 31/5/2017 12:17:11

I've just uploaded the running orders for St Mary's. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

New schedule - Chesvale  (ObedienceUK) 31/5/2017 12:9:21

I've just uploaded the schedule for Chesvale DTC, Open, 27th August 2017. Thanks to Clare Williams.

Basingstoke Open Show   (Kathgorick) 31/5/2017 10:44:33

If anyone has any time to spare at our show on Saturday....please let us know at the Show Secretary's tent as we will be grateful for any additional stay stewarding offers and possibly a scoreboarder too. Thank you.

Facebook  (robz) 31/5/2017 10:18:17

I can't open obedience Facebook saying it can't open in English, previously I had like a face on it any help please

Change of judge South Eastern DTS  (cybicraft) 31/5/2017 10:5:1

John Taylor is unable to judge for us this year as he will be going in to hospital for a hip operation.Caroline Eley has offered to take his place thank you Caroline.We wish John all the best and hope he will be on the road to recovery soon.
Pat Burford

Waldridge Fell Bitch Ticket  (Marie r.) 28/5/2017 17:8:23

Congratulations Jeny and Chello on winning Bitch C.C at Waldridge today! Nobody deserves it more!! From Marie, Zephyr and Reba xx

Many congratulations to Jeny and Chello, how lovely for them.  (LouJackson) 28/5/2017 17:34:2

Absolutely deserved ticket for a very consistent team  (Dyane) 28/5/2017 17:44:39

Congratulations Jeny and Chello. Well deserved.xx  (sueison) 28/5/2017 21:6:39

Many many congratulations Jenny . I am soooooo pleased for you x  (j.aldridge) 29/5/2017 9:30:1

Congratulations Jenny & Cello on your ticket win yesterday sorry was not there to see you win.Kaye & John xx  (barcarolle) 29/5/2017 10:7:36

Fantastic well done Jenny and Chelonia on winning the Bitch ticket at Waldridge Fell. Have a great time at Crufts,x  (sorcha) 31/5/2017 9:29:56

Draw - Lisburn  (ObedienceUK) 30/5/2017 15:50:5

I've just uploaded the running orders for Lisburn. Thanks to Kate McCartney.

Wirral report added  (trimor) 30/5/2017 12:6:43

B part 2 report posted

New pictures - Waldridge Fell  (ObedienceUK) 30/5/2017 10:52:18

I've just uploaded Chris Parkin's pictures from Waldridge Fell to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New pictures - Exeter  (ObedienceUK) 30/5/2017 10:50:15

I've just uploaded Richard Moss's pictures from Exeter to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Redcar & District DTC Champ Show.  (CELDUMYN) 30/5/2017 10:21:25

Just a reminder that entries for this show close on Thursday June 2nd (received by). You can also enter online via With Your Dog.

Our show is a double weekend with Middlesbrough and camping is available.


Anita Clark

I lied about the day ..... June 2nd is Friday.  (CELDUMYN) 30/5/2017 10:36:48

Redcar & District DTC Champ Show.  (CELDUMYN) 30/5/2017 10:21:21

Just a reminder that entries for this show close on Thursday June 2nd (received by). You can also enter online via With Your Dog.

Our show is a double weekend with Middlesbrough and camping is available.


Anita Clark

New pictures - Woodman  (ObedienceUK) 30/5/2017 9:45:58

I've just uploaded Lin Bagley's pictures from Woodman to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New schedule - Paignton  (ObedienceUK) 29/5/2017 21:11:32

I've just uploaded the schedule for the Paignton & District Fanciers Assoc., 2 x Open, 5th & 6th August 2017. Thanks to Robin Gretenkort.

judging sheets  (lexi) 29/5/2017 16:20:10

is there anywhere i can down load judging sheets? i seemed to have lost all mine on my pc.

Loughborough Show  (robz) 29/5/2017 15:40:33

I have the following rosettes for people
John Patilla 2nd in Loughborough Special
T Bateman 5th in C Dog
Rebecca Boydell 5th in C Bitch
Lisa Brannan 6th in C Bitch
Wendy Wheatcroft 6th in Loughborough Special
Pat Nethergate 6th in Beginner
Sheila Taylor 6th in C Bitch
Lisa Fellows 6th in B Dog

Left behind
1 ring clip belonging to Suzy Dadley, 1 small white famous grouse tin (minus the titbits)1 well used white wooden dumbbell with stringed middle,1 blue rubber ring, 1 green ball rope tuggy,1 well used red ball rope tuggy, 1 black material lead and one pink with small dog bones embroided on it lead. Please contact me to arrange to collect these items.

Loughborough Show  (robz) 29/5/2017 15:22:59

I would like to thank everyone concerned in helping to make our show a success again, judges and stewards, without you there would be no shows, my committee Tony, Delia, Jacki, Jill, Denise, Sam and Cheryl for all the help putting up and taking down of rings and everything else in between, Marcia who once again manned the stay ring, thank you, Bev Hughes, Julie and Neil (who don't work dogs but come every year to help us) they parked cars and caravans then spent the rest of both days in the stay ring, Betty Gibson, Anthony Snook, Janet Beverley, Dawn also in the stay ring both days, Lyn and Mick Tozer and anyone else I have forgot. We had a KC Field Officer visit Saturday who was very happy with the show, also some rain which could have held off another half an hour or so later for Loryn to finish judging her special class, this was a great success raising over 200 for her chosen charity. Sunday was the better day when we saw the sunshine but all in all it went very well and now to start again for next year, if anyone would like to offer to judge or steward please contact me. Ruth

Jenny & Cello  (barcarolle) 29/5/2017 10:5:10

Congratulations to you both on your ticket win sorry was not there to see you win. Kaye & John xx

Todays tickets  (alcotot) 27/5/2017 17:49:42

Well done Sue Howell (Bitch) and Pat Watson (dog) Witheld

why was Pat Watson ticket withheld?  (janet oliver) 28/5/2017 11:34:7

Ticket has to be withheld if more than 15 points are lost  (Dyane) 28/5/2017 16:31:31

Thank you , what a shame for somebody to be that close.  (janet oliver) 28/5/2017 17:56:19

Waldridge Fell dog ticket  (puppies) 28/5/2017 17:48:48

many congratulations to Mary Ray & Levi

Information re Woodman Show 29th May  (shadowsofcolour) 27/5/2017 9:36:0

A practice ring is available and will be manned for part of the day, please feel free to use all day.
Refreshments for competitors are breakfast 7.30 to 10.30, (egg bacon and sausages in rolls) and then from 11.30 onwards, the food will include wraps with some suitable fillings for veggies plus burgers, pasties, sausage rolls etc.
We would also appreciate some help with stays, a book to sign in for each class will be at the stay ring.
We hope everyone has a lovely day.

Loughborough Special Class  (deliag) 26/5/2017 16:46:25

Just to let you know that the Special class, judged by Loryn Oliver this year, raised 237.50 for Last Chance Hotel - rescue and rehome centre, which is fantastic! This included donations from some very generous people :))

Boo! to the people who booked in an didn't pay, taking a place from someone else. Hooray! for all the lovelies who supported the cause

This was a brilliant class. Lovely to have fun in the ring at a show with our dogs. Thanks to Loryn,steward and all behind scene helpers. A great class at a great show. Thank you  (AnnDAVIS) 27/5/2017 7:20:41

Draw - Prestwick  (ObedienceUK) 26/5/2017 18:27:50

I've just uploaded the running orders for Prestwick. Thanks to Annette Benoist.

Culverstone DTC B Dog part 2  (Hasia) 26/5/2017 15:13:51

Report posted Lee Lampert

Medication  (ronnie) 26/5/2017 14:33:11

I have if anyone is interested 14 Previcox tabs, 46.5 Pexion 400mg tabs and 4 Diazapam rectubes 25 for all three items. Please pm me.

CHESVALE 7TH MAY - SHOW MANAGER REPORT  (CarolS) 25/5/2017 12:28:54


The weather started grey and drizzling! Oops! not what I had ordered, however, the sun came out and by the afternoon it was pleasantly warm. Apologies to the competitor who was disappointed that she didnt work while it was miserable as her dog didnt like the sun. A surprise visit from the Kennel Club Rep to check we were doing everything we should ended with us receiving an excellent report.

As usual there are many people to thank for making our show such a success. Firstly huge thanks to all of our Judges and stewards who gave up their time there could be no show without them and I really appreciate that they continue to support Chesvale and we managed to sign up all the judges for 2018 too!.

Special thanks to Clare Williams our Show Secretary, who is like a woman possessed with the amount of work she does. Also to Jim Nokes who is in charge of our erection team and ensuring the show ground is organised. Sue Monk who acts as our Chief Stay Steward and all the members and competitors that helped during the day at the stay ring.

We are an extremely lucky club that has an enthusiastic group of members and their partners who arrive early to set up, work all day and stay late to clear away at the end of a long day. There were 28 of you on duty so grateful thanks to you all!

Special thanks to Gail Nokes, Lyn Hopkinson. Pauline Finn, Eileen Marsden and Stephanie Mayne who decided to do the judges catering AGAIN! They worked so hard and did a wonderful job, the lunch was superb as usual. Sally Partridge and Jo Dyas organised the afternoon teas and thanks to all the members who made masses of lovely cakes. Mary Berry would have been proud!

We would also like to thank Sue Vickers, Wendy Wheatcroft, June Le Feurve for running TWO training rings all day for us. It was very kind of them to volunteer and they amassed a huge 230.00. All the proceeds will be donated to Vigil GSD Rescue in memory of Margaret Hall, a long standing a much loved member of the Chesvale family.

The tombola was run by Maggie Petit and the 101.00 made was donated to Judith Johnson as sponsorship for her embarking on a marathon walk in aid of Breast Cancer in memory of Hazel Barber, another Chesvale member who is no longer with us.

Finally, to all the competitors who attended - we hope you had an enjoyable day and thank you for all the lovely comments and expressions of thanks for putting on a show.

See you again next year Sunday 6th May 2018 which is back to the Bank Holiday weekend. Dont forget we are running a Pre-beginner, Beginner and Novice only show on 27th August this year.

Show Manager

Help steward needed for C at Waldridge  (Wispasmum) 24/5/2017 19:30:51

Hi unfortunately my steward has taken ill and I need a steward for sat, can any kind soul help?

The lovely Chris Parkin is going to steward for me
  (Wispasmum) 24/5/2017 20:12:57

Draw - Newbury  (ObedienceUK) 24/5/2017 17:11:16

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Newbury. Thanks to Sue Garner.

Appeal for Help - Chalfield DTC June 18th  (jazztherazz) 22/5/2017 18:55:55

Hello, we were wondering if there are any kind souls that might be able to help at the Chalfield Open show, at our usual venue in Nottingham on June 18th.

We need a Judging Team for an A class and a C class.

Also we need a steward for Bill Pykett who is doing a B round.

If anyone can help or give any suggestions, please contact Sheila on 07535 159017 or via facebook OB UK page, or on here of course.

Thanks for looking - 'Fred' - Treasurer

C Judge found with grateful thanks to Mick Vessey, but need a C steward for him  (jazztherazz) 24/5/2017 13:3:25

New pictures - Loughborough  (ObedienceUK) 22/5/2017 22:5:6

I've just uploaded Chris Parkin's pictures from Loughborough to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Thank you Chris for the fabulous picture of Yoda on his way to do the washing-up lol  (RWA) 24/5/2017 10:20:14

What''s happened to Facebook ?  (msectd) 23/5/2017 21:20:42

I don't know how many people read this, but. I've just gone onto the Obedience Facebook page and all the posts from recent days seem to have disappeared. is it just me or is anyone else having the same problem ? Brenda

I've just checked my other 'Facebook' accounts and it's the same on there, so presuming it's my computer. :-)   (msectd) 23/5/2017 21:22:16

Mine is ok nothing missing   (Polly) 24/5/2017 8:0:19

Culverstone & Wessex Border Collie  (mb) 23/5/2017 22:51:22

Culverstone Beginner Dog and Wessex Border Collie A Dog/Bitch show reports have been added.
Shirley Hayward

New pictures - Warlingham (more)  (ObedienceUK) 22/5/2017 21:38:51

I've just uploaded Liz Daniell's pictures from Warlingham to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Meeting at Exeter  (doghouse) 22/5/2017 17:9:39

There will be a meeting at Exeter Show on the Saturday in the Pavilion between 12 midday and 2pm, also on Sunday if there is a need.
I will be available all week to discuss anything. We need your opinions. All welcome.

Obedience Liaison Council meeting  (doghouse) 22/5/2017 17:4:36

The agenda for the next OLC meeting to be held on the 20th July is now available on the Kennel club official site. go to activities, scroll to obedience, click on OLC, click on agenda 2017.This can be saved and printed.

For Facebook ensure you are signed in to FB
and a member of the ObedienceUK
or KCRallyUK group

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